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We chat to some of our passionate and dedicated team to find out what they thought of 2020…with some occasionally sweary results! Here, Elodie A. Roy tells us about her past twelve months.

Sum up 2020 in three words.

Not over yet…

Your favourite band/artist of the year?

Benjamin Belinska

Your favourite song of the year?

Jeffrey Lewis’ Lockdown Lunatic: “inside an apartment without anywhere to go / stuck with someone called yourself / someone you really start to know / like friends on a long drive / like Cassidy and Kerouac / but it’s just you and yourself / just walking to the couch and back…”

Favourite TV show of the year?

When the television broke nobody dared to replace it. One shouldn’t toy too much with fate.

Best book you read?

Stefan Zweig’s The World of Yesterday: Memories of a European – the autobiography he wrote in exile during the Second World War. Now seems to be an appropriate time to revisit Zweig’s melancholy love letter, and farewell, to Europe.

What was your favourite gig/live stream event?

I remember very well Apoorva Gokhale (with Seema and Vishwanath Shirodkar) at the Palace Green in Durham, on 29th February. Not because (as would later become obvious) it would be the last real concert of the year, but because of Gokhale’s sweet, lacerating singing and the intensity with which it filled the room – the feeling that the moment would last forever.

Any upcoming artists we should keep an eye out for in 2021?

In November 2019 The Golden Dregs’ tiny tour van stopped outside Cobalt Studios in the Ouseburn. The band had travelled from London, and played a mysterious gig – with matching white outfits, and dark, velvet voices. They played songs from their debut album – Hope is for the Hopeless (Art is Hard Records). Later, as they were sleepily smoking cigarettes, I overheard one of them say they’d love to come back to Newcastle in 2020. Well, they didn’t, but it would be nice to see them again, or to listen to a second album.

Predictions for 2021?

My grandfather insisted that no one should speak about the future for fear of irremediably ‘jinxing’ it. This sweet yet taciturn man would only speak about events once they had happened – and, often, never at all. I wonder what made him so intransigently superstitious – and what made me so susceptible to his influence!

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