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Eee Smashing serves as a new music project for a man who played bass in a few North East bands, and is kicking on with this new writing and recording venture. We found out more about what’s inspired it all from Andy, the man behind it…

Reconnecting with creating
When I was in my teens I played in bands, we wrote songs, did gigs, hung out, it was great. Eventually this came to an end and a decade or so later I realised I had never really replaced it with anything I felt as passionately about or enjoyed so much since. Mid life crisis? Nah. But there was a motivation to get back to creating and maybe do less…

Weeey! There was a fair bit of alcohol poured into my 20s, a decade I’d like to consign to being a creative blip rather than use as a life blueprint. Unfortunately there’s definitely less, super fun drunken times, and more hangover on the record though and that can cause…

Why bother doing anything when it’ll just be rubbish and you’re just going to let everyone down anyway? It’s a constant battle, as for many people, a lifetime of thinking like this leads to…

Missed opportunities
Totally should have taught myself programming as a teenager, started that vinyl only record label I kept banging on about in 2003 and left the house more to do things rather than playing video games. I also should have got this album released 10 years ago….

Making up for lost time – just get on with it, Andy!
Shirts isn’t an album anyone asked for, I’ve not been gigging so there’s no live audience, it wasn’t ordered by a record label, it’s not being plugged to radio and the hottest indie blogs out there by a PR guru and because of this, in all likelihood, very few people will hear it.
But it exists in a DIY cultural space (and now available on the ad funded internet platforms too!), recorded at home, I taught myself animation to make a video to accompany one of the songs, Game Over, a bit of a homage to misspent time playing video games.
Hopefully a few people will be tempted to give the whole album a go, maybe even enjoy it.
There’ll definitely be an album two sooner rather than later.

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