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Dear O EP by Duncan Lloyd

I’ve always wanted to release some music on New Years Day, right on 0:00:00 , I don’t know why exactly, I could say that I thought it might align with the cosmos in some way or maybe it’s that it is the opposite of what music industry people would tell you do (releasing at a time when nothing gets released because no one will be paying attention). Ultimately I think it is more akin with jumping on a train, going somewhere new and unknown. Yep, it all sounds a bit Harry Potter but I guess that was the inspiration for writing & releasing this new Dear O EP, to travel somewhere new & release it spontaneously.

The tracks are a combination of my more experimental project, Decade in Exile and more structured song writing. I wanted to add hybrid, less readable sounds on the EP especially on songs Dear O and Nocturnal Exit A.

I’ve always enjoyed songs that have a degree of lyrical ambiguity, so despite the songs being rooted in personal experiences, I try to write them so they are open enough to connect with in some way.

Paper Swans is a reflection of that , it’s about people going their separate ways which felt apt with what’s going on at the moment but hopefully relatable on different levels.

Nocturnal Exit A is like a spiritual of found objects, a clarinet, an old organ, a balsa wood plane motor placed over guitar pick ups , stuff I found in charity shops. An attempt to make contact with someone beyond the clouds.

Dear O started out life as a guitar demo, Dave from Field Music recorded Tom’s drums & then I developed it at home from there. I tried any instruments I could find, mixing them together to create melody lines.

Trying new things also meant being inspired by past methods I haven’t used since I started writing, things that I did with friends whilst at art school felt fresh again, making tape loops & laying together more unusual sounds.

I could list some bands or artists that inspired the songs but there wasn’t anything that specific, the songs unfolded whilst playing around with chords & pedals.

The last track I recorded for it however is, You Said Something by PJ Harvey. I’ve been a life long fan & this song & the album it’s from was what I was heavily into when I decided to quit the high art of pot washing & move back to Newcastle from Derby to give Maxïmo Park one last go. I recorded it sparsely with similar sonics to the rest, it then felt like I had all the parts for a release.

Dear O is a stepping stone to my next album which I’m releasing in spring. If you’re intrigued, you can expect something a little different again.

You can find the new album on Spotifty (including a PJ Harvey cover) here, and on Bandcamp here.

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