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Ahead of performing at Little Buildings on Thursday 17th May, we caught up with grungy, experimental noise makers DTHPDL to find out what inspires them.

Where we find ourselves in this world is both inspiring and terrifying. On one side, you have movements and social discourse increasing our understanding and challenging long held or institutionalised opinions or practices that some would like you to believe disappeared long ago. The #MeToo movement has instigated a greater public awareness of sexual harassment, while there has been greater publicity for the equality of gender pay, plastic pollution, ethical food consumption and the distinct lack of diversity across every industry. Although true equality is still to be reached, especially for those in poverty, you get a sense of revolution through social interaction that acts as a catalyst for the rights of those once termed as minority voices.

All of this however is against a backdrop of the continued strength of corporations and a select wealthy elite, human rights violations, discrimination against the BAME and LGBTQ+ communities, and the rise of right wing parties or figures. The manipulation of our decision making is such that we need a thousand whistle blowers like Christopher Wylie  to just keep pace.

DTHPDL don’t represent a multicultural world. We’re four white guys who might not have come from money but have never experienced poverty or discrimination. What we are however, is angry and inspired, listening and tired, receptive and considerate. But most of all we want to always hold the belief that we’re learning and active.

The mini tour we’re on, which includes a date at Newcastle’s Little Buildings, is a bit of an announcement that we’re back. Our last release, The Future (Song, by Toad Records), came out in 2016 and dealt with themes of positivity, self-worth, good, evil and energy (Ch’i) / nature. Those themes were influenced from a very personal perspective, however our new release feels born out of the upheaval and continued madness of current society.

Out in October, this will be our debut feature length and has the working title Neu Action, which I wrote down after I saw an impassioned speech by writer and poet Kevin Williamson, during a Neu! Reekie! event. His point was a little scattered, but the idea was to take action when surrounded by bigoted and corrupt perspectives of self-interest. It struck a chord and seems in some way to link with this idea of revolution, of punk rock, of smash the patriarchy, to try and provide opportunity and respect everyone.

We might not be a representation of a multicultural world, but these themes have coursed through us. The range of music we all listen to is pretty diverse, which has helped inform how we write together. Themes of inner turmoil, identify, life and death, the 1920’s artist Tamara De Lempicka, alcoholism and mental health all mark the diverse songs that make up this album. Everything has been arranged like a collage, as we each bring new pieces to the table that are moulded into a cohesive sound. And like the current climates, we’re influenced by friends and those around us in the Scottish music scene, like Jack Lee, Lush Purr, Hairband, Numbers Are Futile, Monoganon, Savage Mansion, Star Rover and Spinning Coin.

We can all list our biggest influencers like Can or Tortoise, Mark E. Smith or Protomartyr, Lee Krasner or Gerhart Richter, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith or Fugazi… but sometimes it’s important to know where you’re coming from, what your thoughts are, in order to go forward.

Link: DTHPDL – THE FUTURE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBFLN-QLlPg

DTHPDL play Little Buildings, Newcastle on Thursday 17th May with Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaind and Easter.

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