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Ahead of Twenty Seven Productions‘ new show at Newcastle Castle Don’t Go Outside, which opens on Monday 23rd October and runs until Sunday 5th November, we caught up with company producer and co-founder of 27, Katie Gibson (professionally known as Victoria when acting) to find out five big influences on this new thriller set in an apocalyptic, modern day world, where the audience witness the struggle of three “survivors” from the outside.

The Last Of Us
I’m not a ‘gamer’ per say but last year a few friends of mine started talking about this “epic game”, and it wasn’t long before someone had bought it for me! I hesitantly approached my PS4 and watched the initial scenes of this amazing cinematic game. Anyone who has played LOU will know what I am talking about when I say that after watching those “Sarah” scenes, I was hooked; and for those who don’t know – play the game. You won’t regret it. Within this game, very tender and strong relationships are built within a world that is so fragile and harsh, it becomes impossible to stop playing, why? Because there is something and someone to fight for. Dont Go Outside takes our human instincts to survive, to love, and to protect and places them in a very hostile environment,which can only heighten every sense and emotion on display.

And empowering them. I think it is fair to say that in Theatreland and Hollywood, throughout the ages, women have typically been given weaker roles, roles where they need the influence of a man to succeed, and roles which wouldn’t be classed as “the lead.” Recently, we have seen the start of change, with the likes of Jodie Whittaker taking on the lead role in BBC’s Dr Who, and series such as The Crown highlighting a history female figure. Our central figure in DGO is female, and her strength and determination throughout does not falter, despite being trapped in a male dominated environment. 

We have all seen a few shoddy horror films; the type where it is pretty good up until half way through, or two thirds through, and we see what IT is that is tormenting the central characters. I bet nine times out of ten, upon seeing what IT is, we, as the audience, check out of the film and the suspension of disbelief is ruined. The best horror films I can think of are where we never know exactly what IT is we are afraid of…

The Castle
Twenty Seven Productions had the pleasure and privilege of working with The Castle and its team, when we produced Lee Mattinson’s WYTCH in the Great Hall for two weeks in 2016. The Castle and surrounding ruins are so inspirational when looking to make something dramatic and creative, mainly because we are playing with over nine hundred years of history! All those people, all those emotions, society crumbling and economies being built up and falling again, plague, death, loss, War. This place has seen it all and is still standing. How could we not come back?

Punchdrunk and Knee High
Both of these theatre companies are incredible, and if you haven’t seen/heard of them, I implore you to look them up. There work is so diverse and immersive, which is something we always want to achieve. To take the audience on an immersive journey, where the experience of the show itself takes over. You become a participant, not just a passive viewer, even if you don’t realise it…

Twenty Seven Productions’ Don’t Go Outside is at Newcastle Castle from Monday 23rd October and runs until Sunday 5th November and tickets go on sale at 5pm today.

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