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Ahead of his show at The Cluny on Tuesday 6th June, we caught up with critically-acclaimed musician David Ford, whose songs combine Americana, English melodicism and a touch of rock ‘n’ roll, to find out five songs that really push his buttons, on his No Sleep ’til Gateshead Playlist. Over to you David…

No Sleep ’til Gateshead Playlist
It is a fact well known that the life of the touring musician is, for most us, not a story of private jets, limousines and bowls of smarties with all the blue ones taken out. When I’m on tour, I spend far more time behind the wheel than I do on the stage and will often find myself driving alone in the small hours of the morning. At times like these, a paper cup of coffee can only go so far. Fortunately, over the course of several years and thousands of miles, I have devised a highly effective stay-awake playlist. With the windows down and the stereo up to 11, these songs have delivered me safely to my destination at the end of many a long night drive.

Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
Now here’s a shot of adrenaline in musical form. How could anyone fall asleep when The Boss is out there sweating over his telecaster with such commitment?

Land of Confusion – Genesis
I make no secret of my deep affection for Phil Collins but this is some kind of pop masterpiece. It’s particularly good for staying awake because it’s surprisingly non-repetitive. It never stays still. There are key changes, rhythm changes, interesting lyrical observations about the problems of overpopulation and I’m pretty sure it has two different sections that could both be considered the chorus. And if that’s not enough, it invites you to join in with the occasional “wo-oh-oaah”.

The Future – Leonard Cohen
This song is just so dark and brutal. Some of the places he chooses to go in the lyric are so shocking but Leonard Cohen’s skill as a poet elevates the song above cheap controversy into a nightmarish reality that leaves me wide awake with terror. 

Getchoo – Weezer
Really anything from Weezer’s Pinkerton album will do the trick. It’s a record that has this strange property of sounding loud at any volume. The whole thing is driven by Pat Wilson’s pounding drums that sound like he was trying to destroy his kit and demolish the studio with a pair of sticks.

My Sharona – The Knack
This is the one. Pure audio caffeine. When I’m really flagging, this makes me feel like I could run to my destination pulling the van behind me on a rope.

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