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Tyneside-based singer-songwriter Chloe Chadwick releases her debut album, Dustbowl Jukebox, at Think Tank, Newcastle on Friday 30th June. Ahead of that show, she talks about the music of her life from her childhood years through to current sounds that have all formed a big part in influencing her and her beguiling sound…

Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill
I was first introduced to this iconic album when I was 10-years-old. She is an immense artist with a great voice and sound who pushed the boundaries of commercial music, however, it wasn’t commercialised enough so went back to the drawing board in Hollywood and it soon became one of the biggest albums of the nineties. She certainly promoted and supported women when talking about hard-hitting issues in her lyrics and album is that popular with me that I regularly go and buy a new one. I love all the tracks on it but if I had to choose then I’m torn between Mary Jane and You Ought To Know the latter just for its pure power, unbelievable vocals and song writing, it’s painstakingly good.

Stevie Wonder – Inner Visions
My father gave me this album as a gift when I was around 17 saying that I’d learn a lot from it, and I did. Stevie’s vocal abilities, his stance, is just unreal and the track, All In Love Is Fair, is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard; there’s also Too High with some unbelievable vocals running through it. It’s just a really good, all round record.

Maroon 5 – Songs About Jane
I was in Ibiza, maybe 18 or 19-years-old, when This Love was released and it was the catchiest sound I’d ever heard and I’ve just loved them and their music ever since. The music in which they produce just rolls with the times and they kind of remind me of Coldplay in that aspect, all the tracks they’ve done are just fantastic.

Sheryl Crow – Tuesday Night Music Club
What can I say but this is just an absolutely brilliant album and probably the first we’d her amazing talent on these shores. It was the early nineties when it was released but I didn’t get it myself until I was like 20-years-old. She is just a really fun, catchy, cool artist with an amazing aura about her. I saw her at Sage Gateshead last year when she performed and that track, All I Wanna Do is just amazing.

John Mayer – Born & Raised
He is just brilliant and in a league of his own at the minute, I just don’t get why he’s not quite made it here – he’s iconic and has everything be it the blues, rock, acoustic sounds, they’re all there. He is literally the model for every person that picks up a guitar for he pours his heart into it, he’s that good. You can tell that he lives and breathes music and it’s quite scary how talented he is; with this he takes people to another level and his music is just beautiful, absolutely beautiful. We had an amazing time seeing him perform at the O2 Arena a few months ago.

Chloe Chadwick releases her debut album, Dustbowl Jukebox, at Think Tank, Newcastle on Friday 30th June.

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