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In a new Bunch Of Fives, Helen Hammill of harmonious folksy duo Cattle & Cane  joined us to tell us her five favourite quirky venues ahead of their shows at Old Cinema Laundrette in Durham on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th September, and Reference Library in Middlesbrough on Saturday 16th September. Over to you Helen…

The Old Cinema Launderette, Durham
We’ve played the Launderette Sessions once before and it holds a lot of fond memories for us. I remember we had to change the date of the show so I made homemade CDs with acoustic tracks on for everyone (hope they worked!) but yeah, how many people can say they have played a show in a launderette… not many I imagine! So we’re really fortunate to be doing two shows there on tour this September!
The Tea House, Middlesbrough
This place has every flavour tea you could imagine! And I LOVE tea. So a venue surrounded by tea and cake, I couldn’t ask for much more! But seriously this place has so much character and charm. And the tea house owner happens to be our tour manager too… we don’t have to say nice things about the place – promise! They also do the best brownies in the world!
N-Joy Bus, Hamburg
We played a show on a bus… in Hamburg! This was our first time in Hamburg to start with and we got to play an acoustic gig on a bus. The bus was stationary at the time, so maybe next time we could get it moving. Open top bus show?! The bus reminded me of my favourite childhood computer game The Magic School Bus. I spent so many hours playing that!
Preston Park Museum, Stockton
This museum is one of my favourite places to visit with my nephews and nieces so it was so cool doing two sold out shows there! It’s where we grew up too. And there’s always something going on there. Last year they had Harry Potter’s world there. It has an old fashioned sweet shop there too!! 
House Concert, Saltburn
We did a house concert this year and the house was one of the most beautiful houses I’d ever been to. Saltburn beach is one of my favourite places to go in the world so I’m a little biased. But it was such a good night! A balcony that overlooked the beach. Pie and peas for tea. Amazing! We love playing at festivals and in big venues, but there’s something to be said for intimate gigs where you can really make a connection with the audience.

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