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Ahead of bringing cabaret show To The end Of The World to Alphabetti Theatre on Saturday 9th March, Cat Loud talks music and shares five favourites.

When I sit down to write a show, chances are the whole process started with a throwaway line from a song I heard once. I’ll take that one word or phrase, and built a show around that feeling or concept. It’s a magpie method of creative construction. So, here is a bunch of five memorable love song lyrics that say it all when I’ve really need the inspiration. 

“My love is wider than Victoria Lake / Taller than the Empire State”
Sometimes only specific visuals will cut the mustard when it comes to describing the magnitude of our feelings, and Sade’s got your back here in Is It A Crime. One of Africa’s great lakes, Victoria is as its widest point 337 km, and covers an area of 68,800 km². Empire State is 443m to its tip. That’s a lot of love. Also great if what you love is the metric system.  

“if chewing was to show you how much I cared / I would probably be wearing dentures by now”
Benjamin Clementine’s banger Nemesis isn’t really a love song. It’s about a sour break up, but like many love songs, there are very visual references to physical things happening to the body caused by strength of feeling.  Nothing says “I’m struggling with this” like “I could literally chew my teeth out of my skull”.  It’s just another system of measurement, but for the metaphysical types.

“Baby I should hold on just a moment and be sure it’s not for vanity/ Look me in the eye and tell me love is never based upon insanity”
Melody Gardot is perhaps one of the finest living songwriters and I truly challenge you to find a more eloquent description of what love feels like than this from Baby I’m A Fool

“I’m never gonna dance again / guilty feet have got no rhythm”
Ugh. Careless Whisper. It’s got it all – a clear narrative about betrayal, self-reflective ennui and a sax solo with verve that just makes you want to thrust in the general direction of whoever is close to you. This lyric captures the all-or-nothing drama of the vocal line and is ironic af as the song swells to George’s magnificent chorus.  It’s pop perfection.

“My alibi for taking your guy / History repeats itself, it fails to die / And animal aggression is my downfall / I don’t care ’bout what you got, I want it all”
What Is It About Men from Amy Winehouse’s debut album Frank manages to be a rhetorical question, throw shade at both her parents for psychologically damaging her while also getting down to the ugly truth about desire – birds do it. Bees do it. Even educated fleas do it. We’re all pretty basic and there’s very little we can do about it *shrug emoji*.

To The End Of The World is at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on Saturday 9th March.

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