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Over the last twelve months, we’ve had our pages filled with some incredible creative souls, we asked a few of them to be kind enough to share some words on a year that the world all went a bit odd. Next up, it’s the talented post-punk rockers Casual Threats.

So, how was your 2016?
Conor (drums): Our year has been absolutely fantastic; we’ve achieved
so much together as a band, played some crazy places and made some
amazing friends in the process.

What was your best moment of 2016?
C: We’ve done a lot this year but for me it was finally getting our
mini-album out there, two absolutely jam packed shows in Newcastle and
Stockton, with amazing line-ups, loads of mates and loads of booze.

Bazz (bass): Another one was Evolution Emerging on the Cumberland Arms
stage; we were absolutely bricking it beforehand but to come off stage
after the set with the audience chanting “the Threats are on fire,
Evolution’s terrified” to the tune of Freed From Desire was so

And your worst moment?
Ollie (guitar): Do I say Trump? Do I say Brexit? Do I say the vast
amounts of people that died this year? I don’t know, there were a lot
to choose from…

C: From a band perspective it was in the run up to the album. We maybe
hadn’t realised how difficult putting out a record would be and we
wanted to do it right, there was a lot of pressure in Casual Threats
HQ and and at times we even questioned whether or not we wanted to be
in the band but overall the process has made us even closer.

Your favourite band of 2016?
C: My favourite signed artist has to be The Japanese House, she’s
amazingly talented and the songs are beautiful. Locally it’s gotta be
my boys in Moon Rover and Coquin Migale, can I have two? Is that okay?

B: I’m so excited by Moon Rover, I’ll have that if Conor can’t have
two. It’s hard pinpointing one act because we’re blessed with so much
talent in the North East, but those guys are just a great bundle of
fun. If we’re gonna talk signed artists it’s been the year of The
1975, like them or loathe them. I’m firmly in the former camp.

Your favourite song of the year? 
B: Wolves Of Winter by Biffy Clyro. It’s just such a “fuck you” kind
of tune, although I can’t sing along without doing a horrendous
impersonation of Simon Neil…

O: Mine’s Detroit by Red Hot Chili Peppers. “Henry won the war, but
not with pen or sword. He did it with a little thing, I think it’s
called a Ford”. Enough said.

Your favourite film? 
C: I don’t really watch a lot of films, if Jurassic World came out in
2016, that’ll do.

B: Yeah, it totally didn’t.

C: Oh, well that’s all I’ve got…

B: I can’t even remember which films I watched in 2016 other than
Suicide Squad; which to be honest was fine, but didn’t blow my mind.
I’ll probably get some stick for that. I did like Deadpool actually,
because it was a daft superhero film that knew it was a daft superhero

What was your favourite gig of the year?
B: Of the ones we’ve played this year it’s a toss up between Evo and
our album launch shows for me.

O: Got to be the Life From Below launch shows really though, hasn’t it?

C: Yeah I agree. Mouses album launch at the Georgian Theatre was fantastic, too.

B: In general though I’m still pinching myself that Ollie and I saw At
The Drive-In at the Roundhouse in London this year, that was the best
gig of 2016 that I didn’t play.

And finally, what has 2017 got in store for you?
B: We’ve said it before but getting some out of town shows and
festivals sorted is the aim for us in the first half of the year. I’d
like to get out of the spotlight for a little while this year and
really put some time into writing for the next record too.

C: I guess it’s more shows, more recording, more destruction…

O: Yeah, I’ll probably go through at least another four guitar string
loyalty cards by the time 2017 is done…

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