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Ahead of their show at The Cluny on Thursday 6th October, we caught up Lorna of Skinny Lister and she gave us her top five festivals. Over to you Lorna…

Skinny Lister is ALL about festivals. The reason I joined the band was to get into festivals for free! In the early days we’d take our instruments and climb the fence, playing in pathways and around campfires. Our music never failed to get a party started. We introduced the flagon of rum, which still comes to our gigs too, just to help the party atmosphere. It wasn’t long before we started to getting noticed and started to be booked legitimately. In fact in 2012 we played more festivals then any other act in the UK. Driving up and down the country in our Land Rover we were just hell bent on partying. That’s never really changed but now we’ve been all over the world. Here’s a list of our top 5 festivals.

We’ve been going to Glastonbury for years and have to say it is the closest to home we can feel at a festival. The feeling you get when you look on to the enormous site, filled with miles of tents is such a buzz. It’s possibly one of the most creative festivals that exists. We had just flown in from a US tour with Dropkick Murphys to play the Avalon stage. It wasn’t the largest crowd we’ve ever played to but it was a full tent, filled with friends and fans, old and new. It was such a great homecoming. I think because we’d been sneaking into Glastonbury for so long, and here we were on a great stage with a great audience made it so emotional and really showed how far we had come.

We couldn’t believe it when the offer came in to open up the main stage of Coachella. Playing on the same stage as Blur and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in the middle of the desert on a polo pitch was more than surreal and a far cry from the muddy fields of Glastonbury! Everything you read about Coachella is true! It’s hot, it’s beautiful and it’s full of beautiful people. The backstage area was probably the most rock n’ roll we’ve experienced. Maybe that’s because our caravan dressing room was right next to our mates Palma Violets who used to come to our shows before they had formed the band.

Fuji Rock
When we got the offer to play one of the most prestigious gigs in Japan we were all really excited. A beautiful setting at the foot of Mount Fuji, the weather wasn’t great but the punters were equipped with a rainbow of rain macs and no one seemed bothered. You could hardly complain in such beautiful surroundings! We were one of four bands to play the opening ceremony. Thinking this was just a peripheral small gig we were totally shocked to hear the roar of 5,000 people jumping up and down with excitement. We played four gigs over the weekend and didn’t think any would beat that but every single one was rammed with people having great fun. Insane times.

Cambridge Folk Festival
Max and I had grown up going to folk festivals and I certainly never thought that I would be including one in my top 5 festivals but Cambridge Folk Festival has a really special atmosphere. Much more chilled than any of the others listed and much smaller, it’s a great site with so much great music that’s easy to get to. We’ve played twice and both experiences were so much fun. I never thought Michael would be crowd surfing with his double bass at a folk festival but he did and he did it well! Cheers to the folk at Cambridge Folk. In fact he even sent it back and I had a go too – though far less confidently!

Pulling up to Colours festival in Ostrava was an amazing experience. A festival in an old abandoned power station, it was so impressive with its rusty industrial setting. Again, we had no idea of audience size as we’d not played in the Czech Republic before, we just knew that we were closing the stage. It was incredible to see as we came onto stage people as far as the eye can see, really going for it. You could see how open they were to new music and fun times! A great and different setting for a festival!

Skinny Lister play Cluny, Newcastle on Thursday 6th October.

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