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Ahead of bringing Trump: The Musical to Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle from Tuesday 26th February until Friday 1st March, Blowfish Theatre got star of the show Donald to share five things he loves and hates. Over to you Donald…

1. Ellen Degenerate – She has a tiny little head, small brain, not very smart, believe me.

2. Inspirational Women – I love beautiful women. The more beautiful the more inspirational. No one loves smart beautiful women more than me. Women like my daughter Ivanka. Or Cersei Lannister.

3. McDonalds – A great American business. You know they are good as they named it after me. (Mc)Donald(s).

4. Climate Change – People always say, “Climate change, the world is getting hotter”. But look outside; it’s getting colder and colder, the coldest since records began. It’s a hoax.

5. Vladimir Putin.

Trump: The Musical is at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle from Tuesday 26th February until Friday 1st March.

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