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Up-and-coming indie thrashers BlackWaters are set for a show at Think Tank?, Newcastle on Wednesday 8th February. Before they did, they gave us five of their favourite things to get us in the mood.

Favourite Gig We’ve Played
We’ve had many wicked gigs, but our hometown freshers show was hands down the livest show so far. We went out the night before to another gig where plenty of alcohol was consumed, so we were fucked before we started but we soldiered on with stage dives coming left right and centre and beers flying everywhere. When the whole crowd screams for another song at the end of the set its a great feeling, even more so when they demand another after that. Havoc continued when Max shouted down the mic and invited 250 people back to our house. The party lasted an hour or two until he police shut it down. Good times.

Favourite Place We’ve Been
We first went to Glasgow on a three day tour with July Talk. After the long dreary rainy drive through South Lancashire and through the field lands we arrived in Glasgow and made our way down Sauchiehall street to get our hands on a fat-off juicy battered mars bar. The gig was great too. We played at King Tuts and had an incredibly warm welcome. It was great to see a room full of music fans who all seemed to really give a shit. So yeah, we’d put Glasgow as our favourite town so far just due to its vibe and we all really want to go back pronto. 

Favourite Pub Drink
Max loves his JD and coke and always has. When we played a show at Nambucca a few weeks back we got a free bottle of Jack Daniels so he couldn’t speak by the time we got on stage. Ollie and David opt for the boring ol’ pint of lager. One of them wants San Miguel and the other wants a Heineken so i’ll let you solve that mystery. 9 out of 10 times James is having 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps and usually gets fucked off by shit service. Go to Nottingham. They do a cheap pint. Leicester is even cheaper.

Favourite Person
Obviously with all the miraculous events that are currently happening in the world there are a lot of people to love, but no matter how shitty the place can get you can always rely on our man Reggie Watts. I would give you a description on who or what he is, but to be honest we don’t really  know. A musician, actor and comedian is what he’s mainly known for (we think), but could even work in the Tesco express down the road. He’s just funny as fuck, he just rocked up to a Ted Talks conference about science and education and just starts making loops and singing made up words, check him out, he’s our hero.

Favourite Song To Play Live
We could be here for days discussing this, but since I’m the one writing it, I’ll decide. Our debut single So Far Out, a straight up banger is last in the set, so when everyone is half-dead, in need of a hot shower and a poorly-rolled fag, this one goes off. David and Ollie jump down off the stage into the sweaty pit and join the crowd for the breakdown, which is brutal as fuck, and with everyone’s voices absolutely wrecked, the joint screams of everyone in the room make the choruses even better. Also David quite often falls over in this song which is jokes.

BlackWaters play Think Tank?, Newcastle on Wednesday 8th February.

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