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Pop songstress Beth Macari releases new single Clone tomorrow. Before the single comes out, she shared some words with us on what inspired the track.

Clone was one of those songs that came together really quickly! Inspiration is a funny thing, sometimes I can be stuck on an idea for weeks, some of my ideas never actually get finished, and other times, like this time, the song is written in a matter of 2 hours! 

For me personally as a songwriter, the way that I am feeling in that moment really impacts on how long it takes for a song to come to life. In the case of ‘Clone’, I actually wasn’t in a great mood.

I had been in the studio two days working on new material, and surprisingly felt pretty deflated (which is not often the case for me, the studio is definitely my happy place). So when the studio emptied and it was just me and my co-writer left at the end of the day, I wanted to work on something completely new. 

I wanted the song to be sassy but empowering, and straight away I knew what I would base it on. The song for me started with something personal, it was actually about a friendship (as opposed to a relationship), but as the song developed, the meaning behind it broadened. I started to toy with a situation I’ve seen happen many times where a guy (or girl) finishes with their partner and their next partner looks extremely similar to their ex, which actually still links to the situation I had initially based ‘Clone’ on, but I think this was more relatable. 

I had so much fun writing Clone, it lifted me right up out my silly mood, I was really getting into the lyrics and I enjoyed seeing the story develop and almost mocking it, I wanted to give it the right amount of fierce and the right amount of fun. 

Production wise the song went on a bit of journey, we played with the tempo and decided I wanted it to be an upbeat summer tune! I really like the tropical vibes and that even though the lyrics are quite cutting, its actually a fun, high spirited song. 

I recently read a brilliant book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert! It really helped me look at my music from a different light, and move away from a place of doubt and frustration that id been stuck in for a while before Clone came about. 

Singing is one of my greatest joys in life! The adrenaline of being on a new stage, the creativity of writing music and collaborating with other like-minded people, and the inspiration that music brings to me every day! That being said, we can still lose sight of it all. Get wrapped up in the outcome and dwell on the failures! Which is just silly! This book made me ask the question ‘why am I a singer’. And the answer is above! Because I love it! Now I try to focus on just enjoying every amazing opportunity singing brings me, and to learn from the harder experiences that come with it. 

Beth Macari releases new single Clone tomorrow.

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