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Pop songstress Beth Macari releases second single Boy on Friday 2nd November. Before the single comes out, she shared some words with us on what inspired the track.

As a songwriter I am inspired by so many things and so many people, but I mostly write from personal experience. My debut single Clone was about a friendship that really let me down, I was replaced without warning by someone with, lets just say very similar attributes to me. Hence the lyrics ‘Does she look like I do, Does she talk like I do’ and so on. For some reason I think I find writing angry/ sassier songs easier than I do happy ones. 

My new single Boy however, is quite the opposite to that. To put it simply ‘Boy’ is feel good love song! I was clearly smitten with my man (he goes by the name of Ronan) at the time of writing it and so to my guitarist (Stu’s) surprise when we he came over to do some writing that day, we were working on something happy for once. He played around with some chords and when we found something we liked the lyrics just started pouring out of me. 

I think one of the reasons this song was so easy and enjoyable to create is because its all about the things I love in my relationship such as ‘Drinking whiskey watching stars until light’. When I had created ‘version one’ of the lyrics, I realised it was quite self indulgent….ooops. So I started to re-work it so that its more relatable to anyone out there who Is (excuse the soppiness)…In love. 

It then became more based around the fun and excitement you feel at the start of a new relationship, when you don’t want the night to end, and then how that develops into something bigger, when you realise you may have your forever person. 

I am always inspired when I go to watch artists that I really like. I remember when I went to see John Legend at The City Hall in Newcastle a couple of years back, he was just amazing live, his voice, his stories, his band, the whole night left me buzzing, I literally got straight home and sat up listening to his album and writing songs until the morning. This happened again when I went to see Jessie Ware at The O2 Academy earlier this year. I may have cried a little bit hehe (Ronan just looked at me with an awkward smile clearly thinking ‘ I can see you fighting back some happy tears there’ haha). But she was amazing, when I feel so lost in a show I get this weird mixture of emotions (I would say its awe, excitement and determination rolled into one).  Jessie’s Support act Kia Victoria was equally as talented and awesome. Its safe to assume I went home that night and listened to the music of these two amazing women and sat songwriting till the morning ha. 

I do believe you can find inspiration in anything, a new city, another person, someones story and so many more ways, but for me I know I can always find it within myself. Being on stage is my favourite place to be, being able to perform my own music to so many people is an absolute blessing, it leaves me hungry to keep writing and developing as an artist so that hopefully it never has to stop. If you have ever seen me live you will know I am smiling for a lot of it (when i’m not pulling weird faces whilst belting out some big notes that is ha). 

There is a book I turn to if I find I am taking a dip in creating, it is called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, It all about finding inspiration and not putting so much pressure on yourself and your creations! Its a wonderful book! 

Beth Macari releases new single Clone tomorrow.

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