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Xtra Mile’s Beans On Toast will be heading out on a co-headline jaunt with rump-shaking force, Skinny Lister, later this year. The aptly named Double Trouble Tour will be alighting at Newcastle Uni on Friday 24th November. Ahead of that, we got five reasons to be cheerful from the masterful musician. Over to you Beans…

We live in strange, confusing and often worrying times. Be it us burning the planet, getting screwed by the rich or the many wars kicking off around the world. Sometimes it can all be a bit much. That said there is also much beauty in this crazy world and many reasons to be cheerful, here’s five that come to mind…..

Dancing is a language that everybody understands, it cuts through barriers and connects us with each other, with music, art and the world around us. Its costs nothing and anyone can do it (even if they claim they can’t). Why not have a little dance now, get up and shake your thang!

Crazy to think of all things that happened to bring us to where we are right now. All the atoms and environmental flukes that first created life, then all the learning, fighting, fucking and teaching that dragged civilization forward and ended in you being created. And here you are, alive and reading my mental ramblings on your way to work, or
wherever you are.

To be honest, I’m more of a sandwich man than a pizza man, but I like the effect that Pizza has on others. People are really into it. Food that’s associated with parties. I’m a fan of parties, so I’ll also have me a slice of pizza.

A wonderful band, drinking songs, sea shanties, smiling and dancing I’m touring with them at the end of the year as it goes and that makes me happy.

I’m optimistic about the future of the country at the moment and can feel an air of  revolutionary spirit. You can feel at the the many music festivals I’ve been to this year, but you can also see it on the internet as social media takes on the mainstream. You can hear it in conversations down the pub and at family get togethers. It’s strange
as at the moment the UK feels like a massive mess, but sometimes things have got to get messy in order for them to change. I think what I’m feeling is hope and hope is a wonderful thing. Very much a reason to be cheerful.

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