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Beam is Granny’s story – 10 pairs of knickers, a leap of faith, a waft of lavender, a blue suit, and true love. Granny has something to share, and before that, she joined us to share her top five sweets before bringing Beam to Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle tonight.

Hello dears, it’s Granny here. Now, I want to talk to you all about sweets. There’s so many different ones out there, how lovely we have so many to choose from! These are my top 5 sweet tooth favourites that I will share with you my flowers. I hope you’re all warm enough dears, the weather is getting a bit chilly out there now! What I love is, in the afternoon getting cosy in me chair with a blanket and me slippers, putting me feet up with the paper. And if I’m feeling like treating meself (which is usually every day!) I’ll allow meself just 1 of what ever I’ve got in that day. Granny’s top 5 sweet picks – Here we go!

Werther’s Originals
‘What comfort tastes like’ – that’s what they say about Werther’s. And I couldn’t agree more. What lovely little sweets they are. A bag of golden treasures, dug up from a pirates treasure chest! ‘Ahoy Matey, would you like some of our finest treasure? Tastes like comfort!’ How lovely. You know, they used to be called ‘Werther’s Echte’ until a few years back. Echte is a German word you see, for ‘real’ which I guess is like ‘original’. And they are from Germany, so that’s lovely. And do you remember the little boy and his granddad sharing some Werther’s together? It was the advert and it always brought a tear to my eye. It warms the cockles of your heart. Yes these are definitely a favourite of mine. The golden caramel melting in your mouth. Oh divine.

Gray’s Herbal Tablets
‘For cold nights and mornings’ – Just the ticket for what we need now dears! The more the merrier at this time of year! Little pieces of magic, like sugary little chips. I love the smell of them when I enter a room, eucalyptus and cough candy, how wonderful! The little packet fits so snug in your pocket, you can take them out for a walk and have one in the park. And have you seen the little dog on the front? What a handsome fellow he is! Oh yes these are a favourite of mine, especially if I’ve got a case on the snuffles! And can you believe they’ve been around for over 100 years? That’s older than me petals! How wonderful for the makers to know their little sugar treats are still so popular today.

Jelly Beans
I feel so glamorous when I eat these ones. Especially when they say gourmet on the packet! And what a beautiful packet – the care that’s put into it with the little bean shaped window and the lovely pictures, like a box of jewels! When I get a watermelon one I like to put it in my mouth and wait for it to dissolve, then your left with the jelly bean jelly on the inside! Jelly beans always make me think of Joy, me sister. She used to bring me her sweet rations every week when I was staying in hospital during the war, what a dear. I like to save the white bean, the holy bean until last. It feels special and looks so pretty like a little pearl! The smell stays in the box for about a week and then I go and buy a new one. But I like to keep the box and sometimes if I find something nice, I put it in it. 

Pear Drops
One a day keeps the doctor away! And with the banana and pear flavor in one, well its almost your 5 a day petals! I like to say these ones out loud before I eat them. ‘Pear drops’. What a lovely sounding sweetie, so delicate, like little droplets of delight. ‘Pear drops’. You can almost whisper it which is funny dears because they fizz so loudly in your mouth! Well it’s not really fizzing, but I like to think so. I love the dusting of sugar they all have. Its so pretty, like a little light blanket of snow just fallen out of a milky sky. And those flavours! Oh my word how scrumptious!

Parma Violet Drops
The little pills of pleasure! These ones are me favourite of all the smallest sweets. I love how little they are, like a mini cake base but painted purple. How lovely. And they’re so round – perfect little discs. I used to put 1 on each of me finger tips and play a game – see how long I could keep them there before eating them all up! And they taste like lavender! Definitely my favourite! Not too sweet but not too sharp, you know delicate with the slightly zangy taste. I like to share these ones, there’s so many in such a small packet. Its just fun!

Beam is at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle TONIGHT.

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