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Tyneside outfit Bare Roots release their debut single today. Having already been invited to perform at this year’s This is Tomorrow Festival, Hit the North and Stockton Calling the band are on a steady rise. Here we find out a bit more on what inspired the new single Ride The Wave  from the band themselves.

Myself, Martin & Joe have played together for a while now. We used to rehearse in a decrepit and rat infested old barn on the out skirts of Newcastle. Here is where we began learning to write music. Martin was into music production and began recording the bands early demos when we were just kids. Overtime we experimented with different methods, we grew as songwriters and our individual music tastes grew. 

A few years back Ant and Martin were fiddling around with a new piece of gear Martin had bought. This is where Ant stumbled across the guitar part featured on the verse of RIDE THE WAVE. Inspired by new sounds which the equipment put out, Ant remembers being taken back by how reserved the guitar part was in comparison to what the band were experimenting with at the time. He was instantly excited by the part and felt it was the beginning of the band forming what would become their sound. 

Around this time Ant was in love with Ben Howard’s record I Forget Where We Were. As well as this his friend at the time, who he worked alongside at a Hilton bar, introduced Ant to The War On Drugs. This was new territory for the band and all of a sudden these influences began to form the direction of BARE ROOTS, even before they were ever a thing. 

While on shift at the Hilton is where Ant was inspired to write the RIDE THE WAVE lyrics. He took him self off to a quiet area during a busy period to pen the chorus lyrics and later wrote the verse lyrics while mopping up the bar floor. It was during a dark period for Ant. Frustrated with his circumstances and feeling like he had more to offer to the world. The over bearing pressure involved while working in a space where he encountered countless people working fulfilling careers was playing on his mind. Here, RIDE THE WAVE was born. 

Ant reflects on the song positively. He believes he wasn’t thinking straight at the time and wants people to understand that their circumstances aren’t a reflection on their character. He want’s people to know that things take time and judging yourself against others isn’t a healthy way to feeling fulfilled. 

The introduction of Ollie, who’s influences align with the bands, has helped to further develop the bands sound. We feel RIDE THE WAVE features an array of musical inspiration across the ROCK landscape. It has it’s soundscapes and reserved sections but also features fierce and loud guitar sections which come from the acts earlier influences such as Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters.

Bare Roots release new single Ride The Wave today.

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