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Ahead of their show on Thursday 16th February at O2 Academy in Newcastle, melodic indie rockers Amber Run decided to share five up-and-coming artists they think you should be listening to.

They are coming out on the road with us and have done once before and it’s because we think that they are an unbelievable band. I still remember the first time I heard Spotless Mind. When Rollo starts screaming “what if I never asked you your name” – the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. And I’m a horribly cynical bloke – it doesn’t happen often. Started to have an unbelievably cohesive and cool live show as well. It also helps that when I’m around them I feel less hairy.
It is a tragedy that these guys aren’t already the biggest band on the planet. They are such talented song writers and musicians. Their song Faithless is that song that I wish I’d written but not talented enough to do so. Will’s voice is unique and pairs so beautifully with Sam’s it’s as if they were separated at birth. They are releasing their debut album this year and it’s going to be a huge year for them. Get on that band wagon now so you don’t have to back peddle later.
Don’t know these fellas personally at all but they have some massive tunes man. Attitude and musicianship. Really love the way they’ve done their music videos as well – no bullshit – just a camera in a room and them playing their songs. Kind of exactly how i wish all bands got on with their thing. Don’t know whats happening next for them but I expect to see them be doing some pretty awesome stuff if their past releases are anything to go by. Itch is a banger.
The Amazons
Yeah I know they were on the longlist and we’ve all heard about it blah blah blah. But I’m in a band and this band are sick. In My Mind is a big tune. I’ve always tended to stay away from really riff-heavy tunes because it can feel really gimmicky to me but these lads have nailed it on that song. Nailed it enough to inspire me and the lads to have a crack at banging out some riffs ourselves and I can see now why people love them so much. 
Isaac Gracie
The guy has an unreal voice. I like that he’s not hiding it behind layers and layers and layers of production. Songs like Last Words are unbelievably well crafted and performed. I know that this song had a moment a year or so ago but he has the quality to outlast that I think. It’s always such a shame that the moment songs drift out of the mainstream medias consciousness that we stop seeming to give it the time and concentration they deserve. Songs like Last Words deserve that kind of respect because they are so well written.

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