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Ahead of a show at Arts Centre Washington on Thursday 1st February, which is the launch date of Adam Wakeman and Damian Wilson’s latest acoustic tour, we caught up with Adam for a new Bunch Of Fives feature. Adam plays piano, vocals and acoustic guitar, with Damian on vocals and acoustic guitar and they’ll be playing songs from their individual back catalogues and artists they have worked with, along with tracks from their joint albums. 

Adam serves as keyboardist in Ozzy Osbourne’s band (and Black Sabbath) and told us his five favourite things he enjoys most when not doing music. Over to you Adam…

I got into running about 8 years ago after I saw a picture of myself that someone showed me at a gig where I looked like I had 7 Toblerones in my mouth. 
I was 35 and over 200 pounds and  thought, “if I don’t sort it out now, it’ll be all overby I’m 50..” I had a heart pacemaker fitted when I was 33 (in 2007) after a ventricular standstill and was lucky enough to be in hospital when it happened so along with touring lifestyle and general excesses, I figured it’ was probably time to start looking after myself better for the sake of my family. I run at least 3 times a week and everyday when on tour. It’s a great way to see cities around the world as well.

Building & DIY.
I hired a digger last year and ripped up my front garden to build a driveway. It was the most fun I’ve had for a long time, although the hire company that delivered it weren’t sure if I was joking or not when I said I’d never driven one before. “It can’t be that hard” I said as he handed the keys to me….”it can…” he said and took the keys back. I convinced him I was joking and all was well. The only issue I had was that I dug through the water mains, but it was still worth it. No one died.

I bought a new bike at the end of the Black Sabbath tour in 2017 as all my friends have these super bikes that left me standing on my 24 year old road bike so I thought it was time to upgrade to the 21st century. They’ve come on so much it that time I didn’t even know how to change gear. I’d cycled 20 or so miles before I realised the brakes were also the gear changers.

I love pubs. To me, they are a brilliant place to take my kids and family to on a Sunday where they can interact and talk to adults that aren’t teachers and get involved in something incredibly British. There’s no where in the world that has a village pub culture like Great Britain. I love pubs so much, I bought one in 2006. It lost me a fortune, but it was a real laugh. I remember coming off stage in Madison Square Gardens with Ozzy Osbourne, getting back to the hotel room and having to do the PAYE wages for the pub staff. At that point I thought “I’m sure this isn’t supposed to be like this…” I sold it in 2009….

I don’t do as much of it as I’d like as my wife Terri is a great cook, but as long as no one else in anywhere near the kitchen, I love cooking. if anyone steps into the kitchen when I’m in there and tries to get involved, God Help Them.

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