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So… how was your 2022? 
Transitional. Coming out turned out to be easier than I ever imagined, and I’ve learned to go after and seize the opportunities that have come my way since. Trying to thrive, not just survive and learning the importance of persistence in a world all too willing to say ‘no.’   

What was your best moment? 
Playing live to a few hundred people at Alnwick Gardens on a summer’s day and receiving such a warm reception hit me in all the right feels and playing five gigs in five nights around the North-East was the closest I’ve come to my American mid-West tour dream to date! 

And your worst moment? 
I’m not even gonna touch on politics because where would you start, so I’m gonna go with the BBC choosing to commemorate the end of their programming of the England’s women’s football team’s fantastic winning of the Euro’s by playing a track by Kasabian, a band featuring four men whose former lead singer was charged with domestic assault. Tone deaf doesn’t even begin to cover it.   

Who was your favourite band/artist this year? 
Dream Nails, a DIY London-based, feminist, queer, punk band. Bands like this need to be the present and the future. Saw them twice including supporting Pearl Jam at Hyde Park.  

Your favourite song of the year? 
Lift Me Up by Rihanna. The wait has been long, but the reward justified it! Please let it be just the beginning… 

Recommended album? 
It’s hard to pick one stand-out but Sunflower Bean proved again there is more to them than a Fleetwood Mac influence, Pale Waves & Martha kept emo indie-rock alive, Placebo and Suede released surprisingly strong albums so deep into their careers and Lizzo and Charli XCX kept the girls at the top of the pops.  

Favourite TV show of the year?  
Can anyone look beyond Evan Peters’ incredible performance as Jeffrey Dahmer in Monster? But the second season of Euphoria was just as beautiful and shocking in equal measure as the first and Heartstopper tugged on all the right heartstrings.  

Your favourite film? 
Frank & Penelope. Wonderful road movie in the spirit of True Romance and Bonnie & Clyde with a breath-taking performance from Caylee Cowan. Honourable mention for The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent. Gut-achingly funny and proved that nobody can play Nicolas Cage like Nicolas Cage can play Nicolas Cage! 

Best book you read?  
To my Trans Sisters compiled by Charlie Craggs. Inspiring, re-assuring and compassionate when I needed inspiration, reassurance and compassion.   

Favourite new word that you learned? 

Favourite venue that you visited? 
The Globe. Lovely inclusive safe space for all. So many beautiful memories. 

What was your favourite gig/show of the year? 
Oh jebus, so many! My first Mousetival, Lady Gaga, Dream Nails & Sky Ferreira all in London, Grace Petrie at the Cluny and Edinburgh Fringe, Counting Crows in Glasgow, Soul Asylum in Manchester all come close. But my first time seeing Laura Jane Grace in Amsterdam was just wonderful. 

Any up-and-coming artists/acts we should keep an eye out for in 2023? 
Sorority Girls have that Bikini Kill / Babes In Toyland riot grrrl thing nailed!  

Any predictions for next year? 
Surely this country has had enough of these self-serving, privileged, elitist, narcissist clowns by now to actually do something about it? Oh, and a Rihanna World Tour please…  

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