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Festival-founder Matt Weaver lets us in on some little known facts about the Northumberland festival.

1. The festival is named after a song by Pillow – Warkworth’s answer to Mogwai with Joni Mitchell fronting on vocals. Pillow were active in the early-mid noughties and their debut (and only) album December Hymns is a gem. The full title of the song is: Out of the Trees and Into the Fields. I am so pleased they are finally reforming for this year’s festival, can’t wait!

2. Trev Gibb played the very first one, back in 2005 along with Greenspace (later to become Lanterns on the Lake) and proceeded to stay at everyone’s houses in the village for almost an entire week. He has also almost played every one that we’ve subsequently done with the exception of a few where he was too ill, or hungover, to come and play.

3. Marc Oliver, of Dot to Dots and solo career fame very famously nearly ended up in the River Coquet after a drunken trip up to Warkworth castle nearly went wrong. He was having much fun on a sledge on a snowy hillside and he ended up on the verge at the end of the hill, had it been an inch more he would’ve become part of Warkworth’s medieval heritage for all the wrong reasons!

4. The festival was captured on film in 2011 featuring most of the acts playing that year and the sadly no longer with us Dreadnought vintage bus that brought the audience to the village (we’ve had to use a comfy, heated modern coach since, boo!) We are hoping to make something out of the footage, perhaps a montage of Trev Gibb’s finest moments? But in all seriousness, the footage just needs David Attenborough to agree to narrate it and then we’re on to a winner!

5. In early 2010 OOTT V was nearly cancelled due to a huge deluge of snow which shut the A1. Despite this, and the fact the bus could no longer run, the majority of the acts and the audience still managed to turn up (we’re not sure how!)  The Wilkommen Collective (awesome Brighton record label) who had traveled up especially even re-organised themselves into extra bands to make the festival happen.  Probably one of the most stressful and enjoyable festivals to date – human spirit will out!

Bonus factoid: 77 acts have played over the last 10 years! If you include this year’s line up it will be 86.

Out Of The Trees takes place at The Hermitage Inn, Masons Arms and The Old Memorial Hall in Warkworth on Saturday 3rd January. For full line-up and ticket information visit their website.

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