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Tony Manero is a bit of a disco legend, even if does suffer from the affliction of technically being fictional and played by John Travolta. But when the Bees Gees were the soundtrack and it was Saturday night, he caught disco fever, donned an all white suit and became an icon of the late 70s. Skip forward nearly forty years and in some not-so-parallel universe two guys from Tyne and Wear who also wear white are keeping disco alive under the guise of Mony Tanero. After unleashing their first track on to the world just a couple of weeks ago, Ben Deacon and Kristopher Forster are back making more retro disco beats in the form of their new track I Need Your Love.

In a post-Get Lucky world where Nile Rodgers is more chic than he’s ever been, I Need Your Love’s delicious take on funk guitar riffs, glistening synths (that have just a little touch of You Got The Love about them) and danceable beats fills a hole left curiously vacant by the likes of Daft Punk. Only, they’ve got the added bonus of being much, much closer to home (lucky us!) I Need Your Love could well be the soundtrack to the summer here in the region; it can’t be a coincidence that we’re currently basking in the middle of a heat wave just as they’ve been unleashing all this sunshine pop on to us…

Mony Tanero’s feel-good take on disco, with a contemporary twist, means they’re primed to become your new favourite band.

Listen to I Need Your Love Below. Find out more about Mony Tanero on their Facebook page.

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