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Consett author S Rob, aka Simon Robson, is a world authority on magick and the paranormal and is known internationally for his work researching occultism. He is now celebrating writing his 666th book, which is  a landmark number in the paranormal world. The book is called Summoning Solar Deities and it is about sun gods and goddesses. It looks at how magick works in tandem with the sun all over the world from Australia and New Zealand to Africa and Egypt.

Here the author tells us what his dream show (or ritual) would look like…

Well, my dream show would include me because I have dreamt for a long time of doing a huge, elaborate and entertaining occult ritual. It would probably need to be outside or in an arena: let’s go for an arena. It would be a magical ritual: real magick: and I would use it to launch my occult escapology which I invented: I am part of an international society for escapologists and occult escapology is real magick used within a magical ritual for some external aim: I say this to clarify it so it’s understood not to be a séance. I would get in some technical advisors to help me because I envisage it being mainly a huge stunt so I would need to go into training. I would also have music from the Rolling Stones and yet I know anything with the Rolling Stones becomes about the Rolling Stones but they are the rolling stones and would have to hope the ritual part didn’t get forgotten about. I think there should also be some special effects to help the ritual/show. I also think there should be segments about ghosts, aliens and magick so people would understand them more. I would employ a punk band to play music about these topics. 

I think the show would also need some performance aspects so would get an advisor for trickery because occultism generally is not something that is spectacular right away: sometimes it is and when it is it’s as scary as hell for most people. I think therefore as long as people understood what was trickery and what was magick it would be okay and so I would hire some performer friends of mine. In fact, my writings have been used before in performance and helped a Canadian friend with occultism for a cemetery tour: these types of performers used to call themselves bizarrists but most don’t name what they do at all now. I would close the ritual probably with an escape or some great special effect and then would have the Rolling Stones because you cannot close on anything else but the Rolling Stones with them around.

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