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Sunderland’s alt-pop/rock outfit, Post Rome are a band whose exciting live shows at ThinkTank?, Newcastle and Independent, Sunderland alongside the release of their single, Different Kids, in March, had music fans around the region singing their praises. That pesky virus might have scuppered their live show assaults but in their pursuit of 2020 conquest, the trio follow up their recent successes with their brand new offering, Want To Believe, which is set for release Sunday 24th March. It’s an expansive and anthemic track, rich in melody and an intensity that will overwhelm you speakers as well as your heart. 

The band might not be able to gig at the moment but it can’t stop them from planning their dream show ahead of the single’s release.

The dream show for me would have to be outside. It can’t be the dream if it’s in-prisoned in a gritty working men’s club, or if it’s magnitude can’t exceed the inside walls of an awkward NCS reunion. 

It’s at the docks, I don’t know why but I feel like boats at sea accompany any type of music. Sunderland docs where all the boats with funny names reside. 

There’s a path that runs around the outside in a square kinda shape so everyone surrounds the water and boats. It’s 2pm, sunny as hell, smells a-bit like fish but it’s okay everyone’s vibing. 

Everyone’s cracking open a drink, having a smoke, anticipating the first act. Then, BAM – ‘Groove Armada’ are absolutely rocking the boat with some classic house and their vintage 4 to the floor bangers. – they’re literally on the boat by the way. Each act plays on a boat. 

I’m not sure how they manage to come back to land after their sick performance but no one’s too bothered because it’s coming round to 3.30pm and THIN LIZZY have now opened with ‘walking in the moonlight’ on a boat called Golden Lily. The name of the boat is average but that baseline still slaps hard. You better believe waves are being made. It’s going off. 

We then have ‘Field Music’ to follow. They’re a band, it’s not like farmer tunes. local heroes, native to the Mackem soul. Everyone has completely forgotten about that fish smell at this point. 

The night continues with insane acts pushing waves of the musical spirit and what it means to be alive.
Even the fisherman put their rods down and pick up their funny fags for the rest of the legendary docs gig. 

Sam fender 
Kings of Leon 
Foo fighters 
Fleetwood mac 

No more detail required.

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