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Hartlepudlian four-piece PLAZA are gearing up to release their debut album next year, and in the run-up the tease fans with a new track, What You Want, a typical slice of darkly atmospheric alt. indie complete with a massive chorus, echoey guitar refrains and punchy percussion.

Here, they fantasise about their dream show…

“We’re all men of simple pleasures. We’ve played shit holes and the grandest of temples. We’ve had riders that consist of clementines and Evian, we’ve had riders with a full Sunday roast and sticky toffee pudding for afters. For our dream show – we’re going humble. Back to basics. 

We’re supporting the Beatles at The Studio in Hartlepool. Radiohead are opening and we’re main support. Soundcheck is nice and easy. The Beatles are providing backline. Our rider (Sour Patch Kids, Frisps, Houmous and Sauvignon Blanc) is all there. Wine on ice, Sour Patch Kids separated into their individual colours. Steady away. Ready to rock.

The green room has a PS5 and we’ve got a FIFA tournament on the go. Johnny Greenwood has just spanked Ringo Starr 5-0 playing as Oxford United. Ringo’s shouting we play a proper game like Skate 3 as it’s more “inclusive”.

We play a 40 minute set – all the hits. A real crowd pleaser post-Radiohead depression. The Beatles play and it’s a real life affirming moment for the four of us. Here we are, four daft lads from Hartlepool shoulder to shoulder with giants. Then all hell breaks loose – Thom Yorke has made an inappropriate hand gesture to Yoko Ono (similar to Jez Episode 7 Season 6 of Peep Show). The bouncers (Daft Punk) have to separate them back stage. We watch on, silent, breathing in the atmosphere. 

Look how far we’ve come boys.”


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