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Alt-punk outfit One Million Motors release their next single ‘You’re Not Viable (You Just Don’t Know It Yet). The track was written last year acts, in response to Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s comments about viability of jobs in the music industry and features heavy, doom-laden rhythms, vast post-punky guitars and aggressive and anthemic vocals.
Here, the band tell us about their dream show that is as intense as their music…

It’s LA, 1982, a late summer evening in August. There’s a tangible tension in the air around Nottingham’s Rock City, somehow transported to Los Angeles. The police are out in force and are taking no prisoners, handcuffing youths for nothing but having mohawks. A sign outside the venue reads ‘Free entry for Nurses’ ‘Government officials pay double’.

Inside the venue, the floor is wet with sweat and beer, and the air is thick with cigarette smoke and anticipation. A hippy is beaten up for having long hair and there is a definite sense of danger.

‘FREE TACO’s’ hails a young punk from the bar area and with that statement you know everything will be okay. It’s gonna be a great show!

Oprah Winfrey graces the stage, host for the evening, she’s even had her nose pierced and is donning a studded jacket with ‘Circle Jerks’ painted on it. Who knew eh? Before she finishes her first sentence, the opening chords to Welcome to Paradise by 1994 era Green Day kick in and the place erupts. A youthful Billy Joe ends up a sweaty crumpled mess on the stage by the end. But there’s no time to stop as Operation Ivy storms the stage and uses the Green Day gear. No time to settle, the crowd rocks in a shared skank-pogo-mosh. It’s sweaty and chaotic and raw.

By the time Operation Ivy finishes, Oprah’s been kicked in the face and she loves it. She’s well up for more.

Three quarters of 2002 era The Distillers appear on the stage thrashing their instruments. But where’s front woman Brody Dalle? She’s over getting a taco and downing a pint. Guitar in hand she smashes her way through the crowd to the stage and begins a relentless 20 minute set leaving everyone in awe.

Everyone is done. The walls are dripping and the police are threatening to break the door in after reports of a stabbing. It’s dangerous in here.

Suddenly a curtain drops revealing the final band of the night and the reason you’re here. Prime era The Clash step out with a ferocity and energy no one has felt or seen before. Strummer, a man possessed, clings to his sweaty mic, belting out White Riot to a crowd who belts it back. Before the final song, Mick Jones tells the audience to look out for his favourite new band ‘One Million Motors’ – every member of the crowd writes the name down with the pad and pen they all remembered to bring.

At this moment the police flood the place through a backdoor. The show is over, the tacos are strewn across the floor, the hardcore kids are arrested. Oprah and Tim Armstrong are coppin’ off backstage and you stumble away into the night, off to be sick in a bush.

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