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North-Eastern/Western music-maker, Mr. Matthew Fisher follows up his debut solo release (Antenna Blame) with a brand new single ‘Micky’ (released on Friday 8th January). The talented troubadour wrote, performed and recorded the track, which was then produced by Sam Kennedy of Ronald Raygun and mastered by Graeme Lynch of Two Zero Nine Mastering in Liverpool. Inspired by job losses in 2020, the song is a beat-bopping, shoulder swaying, point and laugh at capitalism, complete with an impressive, soul-filled vocal, dry and insightful lyrics and a finely crafted music arrangement.

Since gigs are out of the question right now, we asked Mr Matthew Fisher to tell us about his reality-defying dream show…

A dream show falls under the kind of nonsensical things I think of daily and so I thank you very much for the opportunity to share my ideas.

First up… The location:

Malham Cove I’ve loved this place ever since first discovering it on Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon’s ‘The tTrip’. I even went there for my 21st! Anyway, the stage would be set up on the Malham Pavement rock and then the crowd would sit/stand and enjoy the band from the fields down below. I Envisage it sounding and looking amazing. Very much The Who – I can see for miles vibe. It would have to be one of those spring days too where it’s just warm enough and so no ones whinging about the heat or the rain.

The artists:
I could go on all day about this so I’ll just keep it to the headliners. I see this being a 3 day typical festival and all the festival goers can camp in the beautiful Yorkshire surroundings so I’ll pick 3 headliners on the main stage:

Erykah Badu (mirroring her soul train awards performance and then a little bit more) – Me and Luke Taylor (Luke Royalty) have absolutely smashed that YouTube video in the past and I feel she would easily impress a crowd of all types.

Madness At the risk of sounding like a Brexit-maniac, I do think they’re the quintessential British band with their London tones. Providing influence to and borrowing from almost every music genre in this country means they’ve always got the tunes and are also effortlessly cool. I’ve never seen them either!

The White Stripes My all time favourite band AND just imagine their reunion on THAT rock.

Other actsI feel like we could slip in a few smaller stages here and there where I’d like to see the following:

Little Simz, Sleaford Mods, Groove Armada, The Clash (New York Era), Cate Le Bon, Baxter Dury, Every Motown band and Kraftwerk.

The food:
Food would be provided by three giant paella dishes nestled into the crowd. Paella is the ultimate festival food, a fine combination of exotic flavours, carbohydrates, starch and protein.

We’d have a vegan version, seafood and chicken. Enough for everyone!

The clothes:
The clothes would be similarly cooperative . Upon entry, festival goers would be given plain white linens and at the end of the festival we’d recycle all of the ones that stay in good Nick to use as clothes for less fortunate people in society/the world. 

These are just a few ideas, I would love to swamp you with more but NARC. just doesn’t have enough space to keep it all!

See you at Malham-Balam Bash!

Artwork By Ryan Jones

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