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Teesside singer-songwriter McCormick releases his latest single You, a waltzing, folky number complete with impassioned vocals, delightful instrumentation and an air of mystery about it.

Here, McCormick tells us what his perfect gig would look like…

It’s always a difficult question when asked about an ideal show…. Having played on very big stages to crowds of 1000+  and more recently in much smaller venues that only accommodate 50-60 people I like them both for different reasons.

Although the larger gigs tend to have very good organisation and sound, with ample space on stage to move about without clattering into the bass player/singer or whoever, whilst knocking over the mic stand, there is something special about more intimate venues.

Maybe it’s the anticipation of the carnage that could happen. Saying that I don’t think ‘this is a small space’ enters a drummer’s head, as they gleefully set up the all-important drum kit covering 9/10s of the stage leaving the rest of the band to fight for the remaining territory!

I also have a penchant for hot sweaty gigs where the crowd is up against the stage and not miles away. 

However, if money is no object I have always fancied the idea of playing in one of the tented stages that they have at festivals now. 

It would be situated at the foot of Roseberry Topping as a wonderful backdrop. Crammed to the rafters with 500+ happy, hot punters out to have a great time and enjoy the music. Saying that, if the main stage at Glastonbury was offered I could certainly change my mind!

As for line up…well it would obviously include me along with The Lottery Winners, Weller, Keith Urban, Amy Winehouse, Tears For Fears, Springsteen and The Traveling Wilburys to finish the night off ( how cool would that be!).

It would also be fab to include some of my favourite local acts such as Head Of Light Entertainment, Young Rebel Set and Dylan Cartlidge. Apart from being great acts, they are also fab people to share one of many beers with!

Hot, sweaty with something for everyone…what more could you want? And yeah….what a great location!


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