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Young, Whitley Bay based, singer-songwriter Luke Porter releases his new single, You Don’t See In Me What I See In You, a folky bluegrass offering with a steam engine pace and an indie-tinged, almost spoken word, vocal with notes of Dylan and Jake Bugg. The track is the first to be taken from the new four track EP ‘The Truth Lies Behind’ (set for release later this year) and was written, produced and mostly played by Luke himself, as well as featuring keys recorded by Dave Hull-Denholm of Lindisfarne.

Here, Luke tells us all about the show he’d put on if there were no limitations…

If money wasn’t an object and I could play any venue in the world I would honestly have to say the Whitley Bay Playhouse. Whitley Bay is my home town so it would be very special for me to play a show there. There’s also a quality chippy down the road as well as several pubs within a ten minute walk that we could smash before and after the gig. I also live round the corner from the Playhouse so that’s as close as I could get to playing a decent size home gig without the neighbours complaining!

Since this is really a DREAM show I thought I’d be adventurous as to who would be on the billI. Firstly I would have Lindisfarne as first support, they’re from Tyneside and massive idols of mine. Their folky acoustic tunes would kick the night off in the right direction. My main support would be Peter Doherty because he is one of my idols and one of the best songwriters in this country. Peter would also get the crowd going before I would go onstage. Peter and Lindisfarne supporting would sell the show out without me trying to flog tickets like normal so that would be a nice little rest.

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