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Singer-songwriter Lizzie Esau drops her new single, What If I Just Kept Driving – a song that came to her whilst driving that is about finding the therapy you need to work things out in your own head. 

There’s plenty to enjoy in this latest offering, with its well produced, groovy pop sound and vocals that veer from a quick, stabby staccato to the dreamy and melodious, before going up a gear with a big, satisfying chorus. It’s a well crafted and well executed track. 

Here, Lizzie tells us what her fantastical, reality defying dream show would look like…

My dream show in real life would have to be headlining Glastonbury! I just can’t even  imagine how amazing that must feel! So in a fantasy world where anything could happen  and I think I would do a crazy version of Glastonbury inside a huge glass dome on a  tropical island where you can only fly to by dragon. Obviously.  

When you enter the dome, you have a surrounding sea view and multiple huge stages  dotted around from music throughout time where artists from the past (like Amy Winehouse) and present could perform. There would be little pods that fly down from the ceiling delivering you your drinks, so you never have to lose your place, and food from all over the world in little huts dotted around. Free of course.  

The smell would be like a beach holiday and there would be a faint sound of waves in the  background that can be heard mostly during acoustic sets on the smaller stages. At night  after all the crazy headline sets (where I get to perform alongside Radiohead, Fleetwood  Mac and many other greats as it is my festival after all hahah) the dome is then filled with  firefly’s that hover high above the stages creating a warm glow for the chill section of the festival where little fires appear that you can sit around for the slower sets. Then everyone  goes to bed in their little hammocks in the mystical forest just outside of the dome near the  ocean where you can listen to the waves and look at the stars and think about the amazing  night you had and wait for your dragon to pick you up again in the morning. Happy times.

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