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Songwriter and producer Jen Dixon continues making a name for herself in the North-East music scene with the release of her latest single, Pretty Face. This spacious and evocative track wouldn’t sound out of place on any of the TV shows aimed a teen/young-adult audience in the mid-90’s. It’s mesmeric rhythms, haunting torch piano and industrial sounds bury deep in your psyche and set the scene for Jen’s melodic and, at times, ethereal vocals.

Here, Jen tells us what her dream show would look like…

If I could perform at my dream show it would be on a secluded, sunny, Caribbean island! I’d be flown there by private jet with all my friends. The venue would have unlimited drinks (obviously out of buckets) and pizza. I would be headlining (definitely dreaming!), with Biffy Clyro and Amy Winehouse supporting. The bands would have orchestras to create a MASSIVE sound and the crowds would know all the words to the songs. Every single person would have a good view of the stage, no standing around and getting crushed at the front! Just on the beach, looking out at the clear blue ocean, listening to their favourite music. Backstage we would have a tropical area, with natural waterfalls and pools. We would chill in hammocks and invite inspirational people to join us and share stories. 

At the end of the gig all the acts would get together to perform a song and it would end in a massive firework show. There would be moonlit UV afterparty with music provided by Pete Tong & The Heritage Orchestra, playing all the classic dance anthems! Once everybody is done dancing and has had their end of night pizza they’d retire back to their water bungalows, sleep like a log and wake up fresh – ready to sunbathe and recover the next day. 

All of the profits would go to deserving charities, and the whole gig would be eco/animal friendly. It would never be done again, until the fans demanded it 20 years later and we’d do one more Island gig.

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