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Preparing to further cement their reputation as purveyors of biting yet serene crystal clear pop, Newcastle alt. rockers Jango Flash unveiled their new single My Mercedes earlier this week. Here, songwriter Jack Angus Golightly envisions what his Dream Show might look like, and takes things to an extreme level…

Welcome To The Polar Festival – Tromsø, Norway

Sick of that inevitable ‘party guilt’ as you watch the sun creep over the horizon? Well, watch all of your internal disgust vanish in the absence of light! Welcome to the festival that takes place during the winter solstice, void of natural sunlight and lit with UV flood lamps for vitamin D… and spacial awareness. Licking the packet has never felt sweeter!

Skip on over with me to the underground car park stage, where David Bowie and Brian Eno have joined Death Grips and perform a four hour improv set that would give even the most seasoned free jazz connoisseurs a run for their money. Julian Casablancas is back on the drink again, and he has a free bar at his disposal for his half hour stand-up routine at the Chuckle Dome, complimentary hot dogs included – home run! Rowan Atkinson is hosting a Road Rash tournament at the drive-in theatre, where the winner takes home an original Francis Bacon painting, couriered straight back to your door on an e-scooter. Excellent prizes are up for grabs at Noah’s Arcade that definitely don’t suck.

Floating back through the forest with your friends, you decide to resign to your giant teepee tent to lounge by the fire and sip Long Island Iced Teas, when you feel that inevitable second wind coursing through your body…but what’s this you hear? Formidable grooves blowing through the pines. It’s Steely Dan. Walter Becker is alive and well, Donald Fagan is like 24 years old, he’s already reeling in the years, but he decided to release The Royal Scam and Everything Must Go in that same year, fuck it, time means nothing here!

Ride the vibes until the wheels fall off, after all – we have three months.”


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