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Human History., the moniker of Newcastle Upon Tyne based solo artist Robert Murray, releases his fifth single, I’m Ready To Act Natural. This latest offering with its soulful delivery, shifting dynamics and many captivating layers of instrumentation explores what it is like to feel like a dysfunctional outsider and how this can impact on a romantic relationship and one’s connection with humanity.

As live music is on another pandemic induced hiatus, we asked Robert to tell us what his dream show (with no limitations) would look like. 

As a solo artist who launched in 2020, when thinking about my ‘dream show’, I began to analyse why  I’ve taken to the stage so many times in the past; then visualised what the very pinnacle of the  experience might look like for me.  

I’ve compared songwriting to therapy. In this scenario I would liken music production to ‘self-help’, and performing in front of an audience as ‘seeing a professional’. 

Let’s start with a ‘moderate sized audience’ of around 60,000 people. Rather than a cold stadium,  we’re in a big open field, perhaps some trees frame the outskirts of the venue.  

The sun is shining, but there’s a cool breeze. After a hearty veggie breakfast and a good night’s sleep  (definitely fantasy), the first band takes to the stage in the afternoon. I’m not gonna name a string of  big names, I’d get much more satisfaction from seeing other independent and emerging artists  enjoying the big stage: the full power (well maybe 2 thirds) of the hulking PA system, and rows of  lights.  

As the sun begins to set, it’s my turn to perform. In the past I might have catapulted from a trapdoor  or flown in on wires; however, I think I’ll just walk on and enjoy the slowly erupting roar of the  crowd.  

I imagine the band is comprised of my closest friends, embellishing the songs with their musical  prowess, as I relent control in the live domain.  

As the sun takes its rest and night falls, those super-duper lights take on a life of their own. With  sequences of balls to the wall attitude; contrasted by intimate and tender ‘get your lighter out’  moments… but none of that smart phone sh*t! 

Then it’s time for the after party…


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