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Gateshead rockers Elephant Memoirs show their softer side on new single, Done In, released today. The band explain: “Done In is a song about growing up and realising the adults you looked up to and learned from as a kid, just become other people as we become adults ourselves. We see them not as indestructible idols but as flawed individuals just like us and we no longer require their teachings.”

Here, they envision a dream gig set on an imaginary island, complete with local beer, free chippy teas and a surprise set by Slipknot…

Set on a small island not too far from Gateshead, for travel reasons, (who wants to be knackered from travelling before they even get to the show). This is an imaginary island where the sun shines, but you don’t get sunburn and there is always a mild cool breeze. Then as night falls the stars come out and they are really massive stars, much bigger than the ones we normally see. Everyone at the gig is really appreciative of the acts and doesn’t chat or try to make the gig about themselves, they are just there to soak it all in. As you can probably tell, this is an outdoor venue but the capacity is only around 100, and it is obviously sold out!

There will be loads of local beer on tap, in pint glasses (no plastic) and plenty of food stalls giving away bar snacks like nuts and crisps but also doing massive sandwiches with an infinite list of possible fillings. At this gig you can eat and drink as much as you like but nobody gets too drunk or full. There will be sofas and bean bags all around the place to use at your leisure, but there is also a decent standing/dancing area where people can move however they like.

At this gig you can eat and drink as much as you like but nobody gets too drunk or full

It starts at 3pm (not too early, not too late). It will be split into four sections. First section will include acts such as Simon & Garfunkel, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Radiohead (with accompanying orchestra), Bjork, Cat Stevens, Flaming Lips and REM. Then part two is the comedy section, which will have 20 min sets from Stewart Lee, Bill Hicks, Reeves & Mortimer and Ross Noble. Rather than being on the stage these sets will be performed on the floor with guests sitting in a circle around the act.

The big rock bands come out for part three and we start with Queen doing their Live Aid set (nothing more), followed by Weezer, Queens of the Stone Age (w/ Dave Grohl on drums), Guns n’ Roses (1991 era), The Clash, The Wildhearts, Pearl Jam and then The Rolling Stones (Charlie Watts is alive, Brian Jones is still dead).

When the Stones finish everybody is just hanging around drinking and starting to wind down for the night but just then Slipknot take to the stage. They play a full set followed by Deftones who do the same, and then the gig culminates with Tool who play the Lateralus album in full and maybe throw a few others on the end.

After the music finishes out comes the whiskey and we all can sit on the sofas and chill before the chippy vans come round with free food for everyone. Then as we sleep, in our massive beds situated just outside of the arena, an orchestra (I can’t name any classical artists) comes on stage and plays some really chilled out stuff all through the night. By the way, Elephant Memoirs are at this gig, but we don’t perform, we just enjoy ourselves and hang out with the other acts all night. And they know who we are and love our music.”



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