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Neon Waves were a band making waves on the local scene before a social media blackout and then a reemergence as Blackout The Arcade. The name might have changed but the quality of the catchy indie bangers the band produces remains the same as they return with a brand new single, Limbo (our 28th February). Here, the Darlington four-piece tell us all about their dream show.

Our dream gig would be in a worryingly overcrowded room with the ceiling low enough to give Dave Saunders (6’5” tall NARC online editor, for those not in the know) backache. The floor would be sticky from the spilled drinks of the relentless Blackout The Arcade fans in attendance. The anticipation and electricity in the room is enough to raise the already low roof. Brilliant white light causes the audience to erupt as we enter the white strobe-emblazoned stage, Red Stripes in hand and Rhys’ reverb echoing from wall to wall with the speakers turned past 11. In the room, you can hardly hear yourself think over the driving bass patterns mixing with the undeniable deep thud of the kick drum. Theo’s harsh vocals and overpowering chords and riffs screaming out from the guitars makes you wish you’d brought earbuds, but nobody cares about that because this is the gig of a lifetime, and you’re lucky enough to be there witnessing it. The set closes, after many a chant for “one more song”, with the fan favourite as people have somehow managed to get on shoulders with heads ricocheting off the ceiling. With every crash to end the song, the brilliant white light once again ruptures the blackened scene as the crowd shows their adulation for the fastest rising band from the North East and the greatest independent gig they’ve ever seen… until next time…

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