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Over the past three years, prolific rapper Azam has released two mixtapes and fifteen singles developing his distinctive style of music. His soon to be released work, Lost in the Matrix, is a two track concept based EP, exploring Azam’s journey and experiences in finding his purpose as a person and an artist. The tracks Back To The Future and Finding Purpose demonstrate a confident and contemplative lyrical style with an edgy, lo-fi vocal delivery. 

Here, the hip-hop act tells us about his out-of-this-world dream show…

My dream show would be a festival bringing together the same hybrid of complexity and simplicity I try to achieve with my music.

For the location, I would have to choose Mars. There’s something about the skyline and landscape that makes me think it would be the perfect location for the first human festival on another planet. This of course assumes we are discounting the theory that we humans are the aliens, and we invaded Earth.

The layout would not be too dissimilar to that of an Earth-based festival – I think the Parklife layout would be pretty much spot on.

Also, since Mr Musk has pretty much claimed Mars as his territory, I would entertain the idea of bringing him on board to tackle some of the logistics behind this venture. I’m thinking we can start with something along the lines of a temporary climate warming system – I’m not sure if the planet’s average temperature of minus 63 degrees celsius will quite cut it for festival weather. 

For the other artists, we would need tastemakers – artists who play in their own lane and are ahead of their time.

Some of my recommendations would be Travis Scott, Billie Eilish, Santan Dave, and of course, Kanye West. There is a slight bias here as these are some of my favourite artists, but nonetheless I think the sonic sound, lyrical content and performance ability of each of these artists would be a perfect fit for the Mars aesthetic.

There will be a wide range of street food from cultures all around Earth, and an attractive drinks menu – including space themed cocktails. Drone delivery of food and drinks would also be available, to remove the pain of having to give up a good spot in front of stage.

Last but not least, detailed psychoanalysis procedures would be carried out on the security personnel. This would be to reduce the likelihood of any over-aggressive, envious behaviour towards paying customers just trying to have a good time. This kind of behaviour of course never at all happens with bouncers or security, but best to be safe.

That sounds pretty good to me.

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