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Welcome to Doorstep Interview, where we find out more about the amazing bands and artists right here in the north east! This time G from Yakx tells us more about the band and their relationship to Chris De Burgh.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you, where are you from?

We are Yakx, a five-piece from sunny Northumberland. Two of us are actual family and two are in a relationship, so we’re a close knit bunch.

What inspired you to first start making music?

Mostly just the feeling of picking up instruments and being able to create brand new songs.

Who would you say are your biggest influences?

Crikey, we’ve all been influenced by so many different bands it would be easier to just run a list of some examples. *ahem* Blakfish, Danananackroyd, Judas Priest, Brand New, Nirvana, Queen, The Clash, Sonic Youth, The Cribs, And So I Watch you From Afar and many more.

How would you describe your sound?

Well we have two bass guitars, two guitars (one of which is a new addition), drums, a synth and four vocals. Combine this with our range of influences and you end up with a melting pot of grimness and joy. We didn’t say, “this is the type of band we want to be,” we just let it happen. So it’s eclectic to say the least. Vocally, we mix shouts with screams and sings. In the past we’ve been described as “Happy-Heavy” or “Catchy Chaos.” Someone also said this once: “Wey, their songs are just demented nursery rhymes,” if that helps at all! Have a listen, see what you think.

Where do you see yourselves fitting into the local music scene?

We’re like a square peg in a round hole. Because of our writing style (we never rule any riff out and write all songs collectively) it can sometimes be difficult to “fit” into any lineup. We tend to end up being too heavy for some gigs and too bloody cheery for others! The way we see it though, music is music. So we don’t worry about fitting in, we just create sounds that make us tingle in special places. Hopefully they can make others tingle too.

“We’re like a square peg in a round hole”

Tell us a bit about your live performances. What can we expect from a gig by Yakx?

A loud journey that will move your feet and damage your sinuses! High energy, good banter, catchy tunes and an all-round laugh. We love to have audience interaction and often have a “Prize for Best Dancist.” Prizes have ranged from a box of Tic Tacs to a real acoustic guitar! It can be tricky to dance to our messed up songs and this is a way of encouraging people to try!

Can you tell us what gigs you have planned in the region in the near future?

At the moment we are focusing on recording our first full length release, so gigs are few and far between. We are, however, playing the Cluny on Sunday 10th May with good friends, and fellow Northumbrian noise monsters, Go Go Midgets.

What do you think has been your biggest achievement so far as a band?

Playing venues like The Cluny and the O2 Academy and hearing feedback like, “it’s a sound I’ve never heard before.” We all feel as though this album will be our biggest achievement when it’s complete.

Have there been any major challenges so far in your musical career?

We’ve recently added a new guitarist, a Mister Chris De Burgh (genuine nickname!) It’s been challenging adding bits to songs but it’s definitely been needed. Also, having other bands almost steal our band name. Grr.

What else have you got planned for the future?

The album! This will hopefully be followed by festival dates and, generally, more giggage.

Yakx will play alongside Go Go Midgets at The Cluny, Newcastle on Sunday 10th May.

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