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We caught up with comedian and actress Sammy Dobson for a little chat about comedy, podcasts and more.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you, where are you from?
Hello! My name is Sammy Tinkerbell Dobson (unfortunate initials) and I am a comedian, actress and sea lion enthusiast from Newcastle.

What inspired you to first start doing comedy?
A massive smack on the head… Sort of literally! I’d been working professionally as an actress since I was 14 but had always secretly wanted to be a stand-up and simply wasn’t brave enough to try it. I had a huge car accident when I was 23 and that made me realize that life is too short to stop yourself from doing things.

Who/what would you say are your biggest influences?
When I was 4 years old my most favourite thing in the world was Vic Reeves Big Night Out. Now at the age of 29, Vic and Bob are still one of the biggest influences and idols I have. Though my stand-up isn’t completely surreal, I’d say there’s a definite tickling at it’s edges. I also adore Daniel Kitson who I’ve never seen be anything other than enthrallingly hilarious. Even when I saw him simply removing his jumper once, I nearly applauded him in the street.

What can we expect when we come and see you performing?
I’m definitely a bit rude… I talk about rude things and my own bits and bobs/boobs a lot. A man once walked out of a gig I was doing as apparently ‘a woman shouldn’t be talking about her parts like that.’ Fannies are hilarious man. Especially if you learn to play a kazoo with it.

Can you tell us what gigs you have planned in the region in the near future?
I’ll be supporting the charming and tinkerous Lee Kyle at The Stand on April 3rd which will be a treat.

What do you think has been your biggest achievement so far as a comic?
A year or so ago I was on a bill where Gavin Webster was headlining. I’d been a fan of his for years and was really nervous that he was about to see me do comedy. In the middle of my set I heard him laugh his head off. I was so chuffed I forgot to keep speaking and just beamed at him like a toddler proudly presenting a crayon drawing or magnificent turd in a potty. That was a great day. But honestly, having no one this far sit me down and tell me to just bloody well stop it for the good of myself and everyone else feels like an incredible achievement. Oh and two young lads once offered me a threesome after a gig which I thought was dead canny.

Have there been any major challenges so far in your comedy career?
Mostly myself. Working alone means a lot of time with just you and that little voice that lurks in the corner of your mind. You know the one that laughs at your cellulite in changing rooms or reminds you that you called your Geography teacher Dad once when you were 13 just as you’re going to sleep? Well, driving home for hours after a bad gig means a lot of time with that little get. I also did a gig in Sunderland once where a man flashed me a knife he had concealed in his jacket and said ‘you had better be f*****g funny.’ That was fairly challenging.

What else have you got planned for the future?
Me and the aforementioned (and wonderful) Lee Kyle are currently hosting a podcast together called Which Is The Best? where we compare things with the same or very similar names and definitively decide which one of them is the best. For example Lindisfarne (band) or Lindisfarne (small religious island)? It’s free and daft and makes commutes marginally more bearable. You can find it on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher and all other good podcast places!

I’m also planning on returning to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year and hopefully being involved in Jesterval – Newcastle’s incredible comedy festival

You can see Sammy Dobson support Lee Kyle at The Stand, Newcastle on Sunday 3rd April.

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