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Image: Raul Kohli

Picking up their Tyne Travel podcast and placing it onto the live stage environment, local comedians and history buffs Mike Milligan and Raul Kohli used the Stand comedy venue to good effect with a live recording of a Tyne Travel episode. 

Deeply interested in the culture and history of the North East, Milligan and Kohli, supported by well-known local historian Dan Jackson (best known for his The Northumbrians book), spent the best part of two hours talking through the history of the region from Roman times onwards. 

Limited by time, and with a wealth of content to cover (including the Vikings, Saints Bede and Cuthbert, and various civil wars), the success of the show was in its ability to mix interesting historical facts with witty asides, including references to regional accents, Ashington and football. 

Supported by a well-kept, and clearly well-rehearsed structure, Milligan and Kohli maintained a consistent level of pace and engagement – though the well-drilled structure may also have worn down some of the more natural style of stand-up comedy which looked, at times, like it was rehearsed rather than off the cuff.  

Ultimately Tyne Travel, though perhaps a little long, was a success in terms of showcasing how to make local history engaging and humorous.

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