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Match Made in Seven is a new podcast series from North-East based, comedy collective Your Aunt Fanny. Via sketches and frank conversation the show hilariously discusses each of the 7 Deadly Sins and what it means to be a young woman partial to one or more of them. The first couple of episodes are out now (on Spotify) for your listening pleasure with the remainder to be added every Monday after that.

Here, the comedy outfit give us their bunch of fives…

Being asked what your influences are is a very common occurrence in the comedy world. As a sketch group from a theatre background, sitcoms are the comedy medium that we get most excited about and has the greatest influence on the characters we create and how we want to make our audience feel. Stand up feels like an entirely different world, and we have ironically yet to find a sketch show we love (but willing to be proven wrong). In honour of our new podcast Match Made in Seven, we have chosen our Top 5 BBC sitcom scenes of all time.

Gavin and Stacey, Series 1, Episode 5
Gavin and Stacey is by a country mile our company’s favourite sitcom. All seven of us can quote it until the cows come home. Where to begin? The glorious characters, the inane storylines (a chippy tea filling half an episode), the working class towns – every line of it we would die to have written. Any one of us would take a bullet for Pam Shipman (“I’m not being funny Stacey, but you wanna get a life. What you said just now was really boring.”) so we’re hesitant to choose a scene without her. But at the end of the day, when all’s said and done, we went with Stacey and Nessa quietly getting ready for Stacey’s hen party in series 1, each dressed as a school girl and with a can in her hand. “Truth be told, all I want to do is go out, get shitfaced and have a curry and a fight down Caroline Street.”

The League of Gentleman, Beauty and the Beast (Series 3, Episode 5)
 This is the closest we get to a sketch show. Living in and around Newcastle (some of us currently in London, some in Manchester) we are just Basic enough to find the countryside a bit bizarre. I’ve yet to go into a village in Northumberland without declaring it’s like being in Royston Vasey. We’re all big fans of Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith and obsess over every episode of Inside No 9. So we picked a scene with desperately unhappily married couple Charlie and Stella; Reese Shearsmith’s female acting is second to none as she viciously rejects the idea of a threesome with her husband. “I can’t hear you Charlie, the immersion’s on.” We can only dream of writing something this bleak one day.

This Country, Threatening Letters (Series 2, Episode 2)
This Country filled a void for all of us Fannies during lockdown 1. None of us can talk about Kurtan without earnestly putting our hands over our hearts in pain. We went on a weekend away to the Cumbrian seaside this summer (only place left on AirBnB) and spent hours trying to set up BBC iPlayer on an old telly so we could watch this episode. Again, we’re gutted to leave out the brilliant Kerry Mucklowe and possibly even more gutted to miss out the terrifying Mandy (“That’s Grant from EastEnders but also it could be that bloke off MasterChef”) but we chose the tense moment Kurtan comes into work the morning after calling Martin “a big bald fanny”. It’s too real.

Absolutely Fabulous, France (Series 1, Episode 3)
We absolutely couldn’t write this list without including Ab Fab; hilarious women paving the way on prime time BBC, back when it didn’t even try not to be an all-boys club. Joanna Lumley showing us a woman can be both a sex symbol and a grotesque nightmare. Our most beloved episode – closely followed by the time they sell Saffy to slavery in Morocco – is when Eddie and Patsy accidentally stay in the shack in France. If ever one of us pops to Tesco during rehearsals we’ll all collectively mutter “We just need milk and bread and cheese and little French things darling”. 

Kath and Kim, Gay (Series 1, Episode 2)
“Come in if you’re good lookin’!” Not technically a BBC sitcom, but broadcast on the BBC throughout the early noughties so we’re claiming it for this article. We are obsessed with Kath and Kim and feel inspired by its eccentricities every day (“I’m a speed reader”). It’s also aesthetically perfect. Our collective favourite scene shows Kath going for a walk through the Melbourne suburbs to ponder the possibility of her daughter Kim being a lesbian. Her modest gasp in front of the Lebanese restaurant is everything. 

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