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Newcastle’s YES CHEF recently dropped their latest EP, Tinker Miss You, an ear-pleasing concoction filled with cool nonchalance, melodic tenderness, left-field loveliness and garage-psych grit. The EP covers various topics involving food, friends, relationships and daily routines at one point narrated by a mysterious Anthony Bourdain impersonator.

In keeping with the name and themes within the EP, Callum Church, who put the project together, tells us about his top five TV chefs…

1. The late, great Anthony Bourdain
Best cook? Maybe not. Best storyteller? Without a doubt. Anyone who knows me is pretty aware of my mild obsession with the guy and his shows. Not to mention his book, Kitchen Confidential. It’s an amazing bit of storytelling and exposure on the culinary underbelly (this is definitely not an advert). Bourdain had this crazy ability to make you hungry and clue you up on the Libyan revolution at the same time (all whilst consuming vast amounts of alcohol). Definitely a guy to add to your Netflix list. See Bourdain’s Breakfast, the opening track on the new EP (this is definitely an advert).

2. Marco Pierre White
Gordon Ramsay is known as the bad cop (chef) in the TV game, but ol’ Marco over here is a real bastard. A funny one sometimes too. I got right into watching his old ITV programme, Marco which features him as a young chef grappling on to his Michelin stars and showing off his skills as a restauranteur. A far cry away from his Knorr stock pot ads and his evil torturing of cooks on the British Hell’s Kitchen (which are all gems too).

3. Éric Ripert
Taking a real u-turn on the whole angry, tortured, intimidating chef. Éric Ripert is the peaceful easy going TV personality. One of the few TV chefs who is actually a working chef, he’s the kind of dude you’d wanna take back to your family for dinner except he’s going to be the one making it. Occasionally popping his head onto a couple of Bourdain’s shows, he’s the emotional counterweight to Bourdain’s cynical narration. Does some pretty looking veggie cooking as well. 

4. Nigella Lawson
There was a real competition here for Ainsley to take this spot, but it couldn’t be done. Nigella is the queen of flirtatious cooking and a true pro at comfort food. Though Nigella claims she is not a ‘celebrity chef’, there is no doubt that she is a household name. Nigella is now up for a BAFTA after creating an unforgettable moment of telly – the pronunciation of ‘mee-cro-wah-vay’. Truly a prestigious award. 

5. The Hairy Bikers
Now I understand this is two chefs and it means the top 5 list actually adds up to 6. But you see, it actually adds up to 5 as they truly are one being. You don’t get one without the other. They are the Ant and Dec of the culinary universe. Your mam loves them. Your mam’s mam loves them. And just about everyone else. Cooking up stuff that would make your house smell nice and leave you stuffed. Another true staple to British television.

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