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Sunderland extreme rockers YERSIN mix grind, metal, crust and thrash to make their own unique sound and have just begun to take orders for their new album, Guilt (via Bandcamp), which will be available from 6th November. 

Here, the band gives us a bunch of fives about their musical influences…

The theme of this bunch of fives is a collection of musicians who have made an unalterable impact on the sound of the group. Some of these musicians have totally reprehensible personal and professional lives and the inevitable exercise in separating the art from the artist is required in the enjoyment of the music. Have you heard the music of God before?

Euronymous (1968-1993)
Euronymous also known as Oyatein Aarseth was the founder of the infamous Norwegian black metal scene.  A Satanist and misanthrope Euronymous was the self professed leader of the “Black Circle ” responsible for multiple murders , arsons , documented suicides and church burnings. His guitar playing in Mayhem has often been described as the archetypal black metal style combining tremolo picking , minor chords and bass light “ necro tone”. His affinity for the male crop top has sadly not caught on but we as a band hope that this makes a resurgence immediately and permanently. Euronymous passed from this world  on the 10th August 1993 after 23 stab wounds from ex band member Varg Vikernes.

Dimebag Darrel Abbott (1966- 2004)
Darrell, most famous for his works in Pantera is often regarded by many heavy music enthusiasts as the greatest guitarist that has ever picked up the six strings. The red bearded virtuoso developed the famous “ scooped – chainsaw “ guitar tone that has literally been copied ( but never duplicated ) since …….. no matter how hard we try. His love of drinking and spiky guitars seems to have only been equalled by his generosity . Dimebag was murdered live on stage on December 8th 2004 at the hands of a deranged fan.

GG Allin (1956 – 1993)
Gg aka Kevin Allin ( Born Jesus Christ Allin ) was a punk rock singer and frontman more notable for his live performances than his recorded work. These performances included self mutilation , assaulting crowd members and the most thought provoking use of laxatives,  a jock strap and a ripe banana we have ever come across.  As interesting and repellent in equal measures. Allin died of a heroin overdose on june 27th 1993.

Jon Nodtveidt (1975-2006)
Jon Andreas Nodtvwidt was a Swedish guitarist and vocalist of Black / Death Metal act Dissection. A member of the Misanthropic Luciferian Order known as “ the temple of the black light” no one drank the Kool aid more deeply than old Jon. He was convicted of being accessory of murder and served considerable time in prison. Jon was found dead with a single gunshot to the head in the centre of a circle of candles in 2006. He was quoted “ Death is the orgasm of life” …….. Apparently the ability to write great music and not be a total nutter is not mutually exclusive.

Lemmy (1945 – 2015) 
Born Ian Fraser Kilmister  later known as Lemmy or God for short is known as being the living ( or not so much now ) epitome of rock and roll heroism. The boozing , smoking , drugging and womanizing ( all while being by all standards far from good looking) were that of legend. Motorhead were possibly the loudest band on earth .  With tight jeans , bags of speed and an intact sense of British irony Lemmy kept damaging eardrums right up until his death in 2015.  Maybe someday we will meet someone half as cool as Lemmy but we don’t hold much hope.

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