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Garage, dream rockers Waves Of Dread have recently dropped their brand new standalone single, Stars (Beach Cut), a new version of the song Stars which appeared on their previous EP release II. Inspired by Waves Of Mutilation (UK Surf) by Pixies, the band brought in Josh Ingledew, to help with mixing, as well as adding some extra synth in at the end of the song, and turned to Harbourmaster Productions to master the track.

The song’s persistent rhythm provides a grounding for the diaphanous, reverb drenched vocals and transcendent guitar tones that operate in a capacious mix that allows the music to breath like a fine wine, giving off unshackled and atmospheric notes reminiscent of bands like Jesus And Mary Chain and The Warlocks.

Speaking of wine, the band gave us their top five reasonably priced red wines, courtesy of a Bunch of Fives…

Casillero Del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon
This is my go to red wine, the old faithful. It’s seen me through some dark times and been there during the good too. A Chilean triumph. It goes down smooth, with notes of dark chocolate and black cherry. Delicious. The merlot is also a decent drop. Often priced around £7-8, if you’re looking for something to help forget your troubles after a rough day, then this would always be my first recommendation. I also love the branding, quite gothic. I guess it should be – Casillero Del Diablo roughly translates to ‘The Devil’s Cellar’. Some hard facts for you there. This wine is paired well with dry roasted peanuts, seasonal depression, or Machine Gun by Slowdive.

Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo
A close second for me, another with gothic branding too. Campo Viejo directly translates to ‘Old Field’, which incidentally is where you’d usually find me passed out after a couple of bottles. There’s a hint of strawberry about this one, a very rich flavour. A tad more expensive than the previous wine, usually, but still often found for under £10. Well worth a trip to the offy for, if you’re feeling a bit blue. Paired well with a falafel and halloumi wrap from The Bake, Rick Stein’s Long Weekends, or Slowdive’s When the Sun Hits

Faustino VII Rioja
This one looks the fanciest of the five – if you’re wanting to show off to someone without breaking the bank, then maybe this is the wine for you. Be warned though, I actually saw the bloke from the label in a hallucination after drinking a couple of bottles of this one night. He offered me a lift on his old-timey sailing ship but I told him I’d likely get seasick and that I’d have to pass on his generous offer. A velvety and elegant drop, with notes of vanilla, this is another that usually sits nicely under £10. All three of the wines mentioned so far can often be found reduced in your local supermarket and you know it’s really your day when you find a bottle of this stuff on offer. Paired well with patatas bravas, a Bloody Mary, or Spanish Air by Slowdive.

Isla Negra Merlot
Isla Negra is usually your safest bet in half-arsed corner shops that only stock the shite wine that nobody else wants. It’s a reliable number. I personally think this one’s a bit of an underdog in the red wine world. A real lifesaver at times. Plum notes rattle around your mouth and then slowly rattle your brain. Exquisite. The Cab Sav variation is just as drinkable and as affordable too; both kick around the fiver mark, even in the most high-end, terribly stocked shithole. Paired well with economy crisps, a blind wander through the streets of Heaton at night, or Sugar For The Pill by, you guessed it, Slowdive.

Toro Loco Organico 
I couldn’t finish this off without calling attention to one of the modern day heroes of affordable and drinkable wine – Aldi. Once upon a time, people turned their nose up at the idea of shopping in such a place, but we’ve all been fucked by the Tories now and have to pinch those pennies that little bit more. If you’ve not yet been, because you never learned how to swallow your pride, Aldi is actually a great place to do your shopping and an equally great place to act like a wine snob. As you can imagine for something named Organico, this wine is fresh and earthy and will give you a right kick up the arse if you drink enough of it. A wonderful wine that can often be found for a fiver or less. Who can argue with that? Paired well with anything from the Linda McCartney vegetarian range, Six Feet Under, or Crazy For You by Slowdive.

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