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Having had a rather fine 2022, which has included the release of their well-received fourth album as well as stand-out performances on Later… With Jools Holland and Glastonbury (to name a few highlights), one of the UK’s most exciting live acts at the moment, Warmduscher, are set to bring their weird and wonderful brand of post-punk to Newcastle University Student’s Union on Thursday 1st September.

With a dance-inducing, genre-fusing sound, combined with the band’s vibrant stage presence, it’s safe to say that this event, put on by local promoters F54, will be the most delightful and dirtiest disco in town. 

Here, frontman Clams Baker tells us about the top 5 things to do in a splitter van while on tour…

1. Watch Carlito’s Way. There is nothing better than to imitate Al Pacino’s Nuyorican accent while doing 100 down some kind of lost highway somewhere in the middle of nowhere UK. If that fails try curling your hair and reenacting the boat seen as Sean Penn with whoever is getting on your nerves most at that point.

2. Get inebriated. Yes there’s a gig to do in five hours but who the hell cares at this point?  You’ve just spent five days in a van with a bunch of people you’ve spent the last five years of your life with and there is nothing left to small talk about so you might as well drown the time with whatevers closest. Repeat process daily, you’ll be just fine.

3. Listen to demos or anything you’re working on as a group or individual! When you finally figure out how to make the bluetooth work in the back of the van, blast anything new you’ve got as it not only gets you excited it also gives you reason to carry on to the next tour. Be careful though, never play them before a gig or when the mood is somber as it can just as easily give you a reason to head straight home with a mystery ailment and a case of the wa wa’s.

4. Meditation. Take the challenge!! If you can get to Nirvana while there are four separate conversations going and the driver is high-speed racing down the highway, high-speed speeding on whatever’s making him speed, then you, my friend, have won! You’ve officially become rock solid in our book and you’ve also managed to kill enough time to get yourself to the next rest stop where you’ll release the last of your straggling endorphins with a bucket of chicken or a triple cheese waster, and steal a bottle of pep for the rest of the ride home! Amen.

5. Side of the road pee breaks! Forget hitting the rest areas, just hit the side of the road.  It’s exhilarating and team-building as nothing screams camaraderie more than feeling the buzz of the wind of speeding cars on your bare ass that would prove fatal if said car moved a couple feet off the road! Men, always leave pants at ankles… and ladies, make sure to squat facing away from the road so you can enjoy what I’m talking about. Smile at each other, make conversation and enjoy these times of your life as it’s gone as quick as it comes.


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