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Newcastle band, Smithereen is comprised of members from Backyard Rhythm Orchestra, Ponyland, Martha Hill’s band, Prudent Primate and Shields UK, and produce an alternative rock sound reminiscent of Steely Dan, Soundgarden and The War On Drugs. The trio have released a live acoustic session of God, Buddha & Me that was captured before lockdown by Yakamoz Film (filmed by Chris Gibson and Sel MacLean and mixed by Jack Abernethy) and have given us an exclusive first look. To celebrate its launch the Smithereen will perform a live stream session via their Facebook page on Saturday 6th June at 8pm.

And keeping with the supernatural title of the song, frontman Joe Edwards also tells us about his favourite ghost sighting videos with a chilling bunch of fives…

So, I’m just gonna cut to the chase. I’m a huge fan of paranormal videos, I watch them every week; orbs, shadow people, moving objects, you name them, I’ve watched them. I think they’re mint. My favourite YouTube channel is called Nuke’s Top 5, and that is why my Bunch of Fives today is my top 5 paranormal videos on YouTube. Let’s have a spin.

No. 1 – The Ghost of Carmel Mane (1st video of 5 in this compilation)

Brought to you by my favourite YouTube channel, ‘Nuke’s Top 5’, I present to you the Ghost of Carmel Maine. Now, if you’ve seen any paranormal videos you’ll know that the best are the ones where those present seem either absolutely shocked, aren’t deliberately filming anything paranormal, or both.

However, whilst our camera man here in this video is trying to catch this ghost on camera, his reaction and the way he conducts his hunt portrays him simply trying to document the activity in his home. The story is that he moved into a new home, unknowing of the deaths and history that the residence harbours. He is greeted by an unexpected roommate.

This is one of the most convincing paranormal videos I’ve ever seen. It’s bloody great, check it out.

No. 2: Dear David

Once again, Nuke bringing the creme de la creme to the surface of the haunted side of YouTube with a clip that is possibly the most chilling I’ve ever witnessed.

The story of Dear David follows the Twitter of cartoon writer in his New York apartment and the series of terrifying paranormal events he encounters. ‘Dear David’, a boy with a mis-shape head begins to haunt his dreams, before creeping into his room at night. In this video we see photos, videos captured in his living room and footage of Dear David at his bedside whilst he sleeps. Terrifying. What a stonker.

No. 3: Man in the Mirror (6:00mins in, and just wait for it…)

And now, giving credit to by far one of the most unsettling videos I’ve ever viewed. This one left me more or less speechless for a good few minutes going, “… .. ?” as I re-watched it over and over again. It was after this one that I decided to stop watching spookies at night. Just to be safe.

The horrifying image of a man skulking in the shadows behind our cameraman, who’s investigating an abandoned house is one of my absolute nightmares. I definitely watched more straight away after though. 

No. 4: Ghost Attack in Malaysian Driving School (6:05mins in through to the end of the video)

Easily one of the strongest ghosts I’ve ever seen. Hands down. This one is pure evil. Hit that link and get spooked, this one shreds it.

No. 5:  Pantry ghost

Finally, my gateway paranormal video. It was actually my fiancé who got me into the spooky side of YouTube; before that, I wasn’t interested in paranormal videos at all.

We see the profound image of a child’s hands and face pressed up to a glass pantry door, blurred by the distortion of the textured glass. I was both intrigued and shaken, thus inducing the online addiction of spookies. This video needs no more introductions, as the footage speaks for itself.



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