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Lo-fi, dream-pop crooner, Trunky Juno emerged with his debut single ‘Small Town’ at the beginning of 2019 and since then the singer and producer has always looked to serenade us with his quirky musings and offbeat personality. His latest single It’s a Trip’ came out at the end of October (via Silent Kid Records) and features a lovely canine in the form of Bruce the dog as the cover art. Ahead of his show at The Cluny, Newcastle on Wednesday 27th November, Trunky Juno gives us his top five favourite dogs.

With each release, I like to incorporate portrait style photography of dogs into the artwork of my tracks. I’m often aiming for Human-like expressions, and capturing the essence of each dogs personality within each picture, which leads me onto my bunch of fives. This is my definitive list of dogs. I have compiled a list of what I would consider to be the best 5 dogs from across the web. 

1. The everlasting struggle between Dog and Cat. I’m not actually sure what’s going on in his head here, which is actually a very consistent theme throughout this list. 

2. Dog plays Piano and Sings. We all know that dogs are at their peak when they think they’re people, and this video is evolution playing out right before our eyes. 

3. I don’t really know how to describe this one. But something about it triggers the part of my brain in which memories of Mr. Blobby have been locked away. It’s something about his lips? 

4. Man dresses as dogs favourite toy. This one I find really interesting, because at first I wasn’t sure if the dog was going to buy it, and in fact he does have some reservations at first. This is probably the equivalent of going to Disneyland for this dog, and people should do things like this more often. 

5. Bruce. Of course, how could this bunch of fives be complete without including this guy. He’s on the artwork for my latest single ‘It’s a Trip’ which you can go listen to now on Spotify, Apple Music etc. Sadly he won’t be making an appearance on the 27th of November at The Cluny as he has other commitments,  but he will be there in spirit.


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