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Having supported Elton John, played Glastonbury and been announced as BBC Introducing ‘Track of the Week’ on BBC Radio 1 in early July, it’s safe to say Sunderland’s Tom A Smith is having a decent Summer. One that will probably get better thanks to the release of his recent single, Never Good Enough. Produced by Larry Hibbit (The Snuts) the track, as the title suggests, has an earthier tone than the season usual dictates (though one that suits the current social climate), however, Tom’s nearly-snarling, frustration-filled vocals contrasting against the euphoric blasts of sax and inculcating ethereal oo’s create a rather interesting and satisfying listen.

Here, the artist tells us about his top five film soundtracks…

Baby Driver
I think the first 15 mins of this film are my favourite of any film and it’s pretty much completely because of the soundtrack. I love a film that embraces the music and has it as an integral part of the storyline. This film was on repeat for me for a long time.

Track of choice – Bell Bottoms

Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging
Again another film which is all about the soundtrack. It’s not a film that I particularly rate highly but it just has banger after banger on it, from Naive (Lily Allen Cover) to In the Morning by The Coral

Track of choice – Young Folks

Rocky 4
I know this is ridiculous but it’s easily my favourite film. 90 mins of 80’s daft perfection. I even love the new director’s cut, even though it removes the daft robot butler who is legendary. The soundtrack is classic 80’s rock but also has the bangers from the previous films in. Gonna fly soon is unbelievable.

Track of choice – No Easy Way Out

School of Rock
What’s not to love, I love Jack Black and Jack Black loves music, it’s full of classic music. I was offered a part in the musical when it toured the UK when I was 12 but it wasn’t the right timing. Another film that was on repeat in our house and the full soundtrack is a banger. 

Track of choice – Roadrunner

Never allowed to watch the film until recently-ish but the soundtrack was always on in our house. I believe there were actually two separate collections brought out on CD as the first one was so popular. I love the Pulp track on there and obviously Born Slippy was incredible. So much brilliant original music in one film

Track of choice –  Lust For Life


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