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Holiday House is the first single from psychedelic surf-rockers, Surreal Prismatics (released via Beyond Recording) available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. The band are two guys who alighted a bus and went on an unintentional, nonsensical journey and now sit in a shed and write music to document the magic that ensued.

Here, the duo (of Fox and Robbo) tell us all about their top five trippy bus stops.

5) Mt. Fuji
Fox: We’d only been in Japan for about three days or so by this point. The Baron shouted “Mt. Fuji awaits” several times, so we knew it was an upcoming stop, but we didn’t realise we’d be climbing it. 
Robbo: We were each handed a massive rucksack and were told “the eggs must reach the
summit”, fair enough we thought, so off we went. We eventually reached the peak of the mountain and handed the eggs to the Gatekeepers.
Fox: Although that 24 hours of climbing was a magical journey in its own right, I was glad to see the Baron’s mask as we re-boarded the bus.

4) Newburn Industrial estate
Robbo: Dark, very dark.
Fox: It was intense. It was basically an empty warehouse, after an illegal rave, but it can’t have been empty for long.
Robbo: Something must have scared everyone away and we must have just missed whatever it was.
Fox: The Gladiators TV show theme tune was playing in slow motion from an upturned ghetto blaster, it set the scene perfectly.
Robbo: I wish we’d have left sooner, lesson learned.

3) The Frozen Pond
Fox: Different kettle of fish altogether this one. Probably the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen.
Robbo: The Baron had clearly been to the Fjords before. He drove the bus effortlessly around the ice cladded roads. Not a pick of bother for him.
Fox: The owner of the Caravan Park was an interesting fella. Chester Beaumont. I’d say he was probably an inch taller than the Baron, at a guess I’d say approx. 6’6 inches. Very similar build, absolute monster of a man with claw scratches down the back of his massive head.
Robbo: Lovely bloke though. His broth was outstanding.

2) Parts Unknown
Fox: Not a clue.
Robbo: That could be said for most of the stops on the journey to be honest.
Fox: True, however this place was different. I know, or at least think it was within the Mojave Desert.
Robbo: It was the first and only time that the Baron removed his mask. We never got to see his face as the other gatherers quickly applied his face paint and veil. The gatherers were other passengers we had picked up along the way.
Fox: We watched from afar and let the Baron get on with it. This stop was all about him finding is peace. We asked no questions, well not at that point anyway.
Robbo: The scorpions did my head in. I found one in my guitar.

1) Tyne Hotel
Robbo: We were only there one night.
Fox: One night too many, but little did we know that this was actually the start of the journey. We were booked to play a birthday party. Only five people turned up and they argued the entire time. It felt like we were the background entertainment in a family business meeting. A gig’s a gig.
Robbo: I still don’t know why I said “yes” to the midnight breakfast. I was presented with a tray of uncooked food with a note telling me how to locate the kitchen.
Fox: It’s where we first met the Baron. He appeared to be working on the door, keeping out the riff raff, but mainly just kicking out anyone he didn’t like the look of. You wouldn’t want to annoy him. He is a giant of a man.
Robbo: He was about 6’5 inches tall and barrel chested. He was a man of few words and wore a suit and a mask.
Fox: After the gig or whatever it was, the Baron stood up, got into the driver’s seat of a very old looking bus, turned to us and said “let’s go”. So we did.

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