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Elon Musk’s recent rocket antics have gotten everyone all fired up about space and it seems like the ideal time to have an intergalactically good night out, inside of course. Lost in Space is a sci-fi themed online scratch night event with Milly Blue and Scott Turnbull and featuring performances from associate artists of Northern Stage and ARC, Stockton – including Melody Sproates, Mike Edwards, and Luca Rutherford.  It’ll be beamed to your screens via Youtube and tickets are Pay What You Decide with a suggested price of £5 (available here).

Ahead of this event, actor, artist and writer, Scott Turnbull tells us about his top five sci-fi things.

1. My best sci-fi character is Sigourney Weaver in Aliens. The bit when she steps onto the loading bay in that tech-suit thing and snarls “Get away from her you bitch!” still gives me goosebumps

2. I absolutely adore Kurt Vonnegut’s dark humour. His stories are always highly creative, painfully honest and heart-achingly sad. If I had a time machine I’d go back and shake his hand…hug him tightly…kneel at his feet. 

3. As a kid I was obsessed with Star Wars – I used to save up my dinner money and buy figures off the other kids at school. On a night I even used to imagine Han and Luke sitting on the edge of my bed protecting me from monsters…I’m glad I’ve admitted that last bit in a national publication.

4. My first solo show, Where do all the dead pigeons go? was based on my favourite film – 2001, A Space Odyssey. The first time I watched it I couldn’t stop shaking my head – it totally blew my socks off! When I went to bed that night I dreamt my flatmate levitated off the ground and disappeared through the gate in my front garden. Totally fantastic and trippy.

5. Blade Runner 2049 – the original will always be the original (Love you Rutger!) but the way Villeneuve creates the huge desolate spaces and the sense of isolation within them is completely breath-taking.  Much better than if Ridley had had his way.  (Sorry mate!). And Hans Zimmer nails it too, co-writing the cracking soundtrack. 


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